Bhangra music is a music genre of rift- oriented popular type of music. It is music genre commonly associated with the Punjabi culture which is one of the unique or diverse cultures across the globe. Bhangra music holds a long history, from the historical background of this important musical genre; it was developed in Britain in the 1980s (Clark 21-24). Its development was carried out or influenced by the first and second Punjab region immigrants into Britain. The Punjab immigrants were main from the India and Pakistan region, which led to the formation of the Punjabi Diaspora (Roy 23-27; Bakrania 14-18).

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Bhangra music offers a unique kind of the music to the musical field. From its establishment, one will realize that Bhangra music was developed and mixture of cultures thus pointing out the diversity involved in this kind of music. Bhangra music is a combination of songs and other musical elements from the Punjabi region as well as western. This makes Bhangra music an interesting genre to study in order get or understand how these cultures and different styles are incorporated in the music.

Characteristics of Bhangra Music
Despite the fact that development of Bhangra music is drawn from both the Punjabi and western styles, this genre has also acquired its unique and specific characteristics. It is from these specific characteristics that one can easily differentiate Bhangra music from other types of music. Bhangra music sometimes referred to as Indian raga has the following key elements or characteristics;

• Bhangra music is very fast
• The music very loud
• Cool beats which are kept throughout the song
• Indian mums and other typical instruments are used
• Involves folk dance

YouTube Examples
1. Best Bhangra Music – Brand New Bhangra Mix 2012 HD, Retrieved from,
2. NON – STOP BHANGRA MIX 2013 PART 1, Retrieved from,
3. Bhangra Mix 2013 – Kay Ess & Ricky Dhanda, Retrieved from,
4. New Bhangra 2013 Mixtape (Yo Yo Honey Singh, RDB, Diljit Do, Retrieved from,
5. Punjabi remix 2014, Retrieved from,

Analysis of the Characteristics based on the videos
As stated before, Bhangra music has its specific or unique characteristics which clearly differentiate it from other types or genres of music. The mixture of styles or cultures from the Punjabi region and a number of elements of western styles gives Bhangra music a unique blend. Bhangra music is regarded as one of the music genres played in a fast speed. The fast speed Bhangra music is picked from the vigorous dance of western music. This implies that Bhangra music players and dance must always keep the pace to bring out the quality of the music. Bhangra music also involves loudness. The music is played on very loud tones and voices. From this point, it is clear that Bhangra music is a musical genre which is done by special group of people and instruments with the ability to bring out and maintain the required loudness.

Despite the loudness and fast speed of play, Bhangra music has cool beats that are maintained throughout the music. The cool beats allow the information or words of the music to come out clearly. The involvement of instrument like the mums and folk dance are meant to create rhythm and make Bhangra music complete.

The above listed videos are towards the understanding Bhangra music. A keen analysis of the video reveals that all the characteristics or elements of Bhangra music must be present to make the music complete. Starting with fast speed and loudness, all these videos have adhered to this. All the video has loud and faster play style of music.
All the videos possess or apply the elements cool beats, use of Indian typical instruments and folk dance. Although different beats have deployed in each video, the cool aspect of all the beats has been maintained across. Just as stated before all the videos brings out the blend of the western and Punjabi cultures as portrayed by the Bhangra music.

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