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Leadership of Paul the Apostle

Paul the Apostle was a very reputable leader in Christianity. He spearheaded the establishment of various churches in several towns and helped many people get stronger in their faith. Paul was initially named Saul of Tarsus before his conversion. He was born a Roman citizen to Jew parents and he...

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Religion Reflection on Genesis 1 to 3

The Genesis 1-3 (“Genesis 1-3”) tells the story of the creation of the world, the creation of a man and a woman, and their fall from the Garden of Eden after being deceived by a serpent. Before the Beginning the “earth was formless and empty” (“Genesis 1-3” 1.2), and there...

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Explain How And Why Luke May Have Edited Mark’s Gospel

There are reasons that would make people believe that Luke modified Mark’s Gospel. The book of Luke was written after the book of Mark; therefore, it is likely that Luke used Mark as a source. The book of Luke and the book of Mark are not identical but have a...

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A Different Story of Jesus

The Bible is the fundamental book of Christianity. It contains an account of God’s relationship with humanity and His action in the world. It is inspired and inerrant, implying that it comes from God and has no errors. The four gospels are the cornerstone of the Bible, as they tell...

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Living A Life Worthy Of God: An Exegetical Study Of Colossians 1:9-14

While the authorship of Paul’s epistle has been challenged for centuries, it is still regarded as an original and inspired work In his address; he lashes against the Colossians, who had incorporated pagan elements into their beliefs. The apostle hears the congregation is being led by those men and decides...

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