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Christian World View

One of the earliest values that was instilled in my awareness of right and wrong was that of respecting authority. There is a hierarchal system in all social institutions which are necessary for the institution to serve its function. During my youth, this authority was established as my parents who,...

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“For the Bible Tells Me So” Reflection

The film looks at the different views regarding homosexuality in the Christian community, as well as different interpretations of the Bible on the issue. The filmmaker interviews a variety of people in the Christian community and especially focuses on a family that raised homosexual children. The other topic is recent...

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Bible Studies

Module 5: The Old Testament Isaac was the son of Abraham, the father of all nations. It is believed that Isaac was born 1896 BC and died 1716 BC. He was born and brought up in Canaan until he met his demise. His name means ‘he laughs’ which reflected the...

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The New Testament

In the New Testament, there was a Jewish woman referred to as Mary Magdalene who was one of the disciples of Jesus. She was also known as Mary Magdala which indicated that she came from a city on the Southwest of the Galilee Sea. She became Jesus follower after He...

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Crimes in the Bible

While referring to crimes in the Bible, there are numerous examples of crimes. It is important to understand that these crimes do not necessarily fit into the modern understanding of crime. For instance, male-male sexual relationship in the Bible was perceived as a crime in the Bible. Historically, the types...

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