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Crimes in the Bible

While referring to crimes in the Bible, there are numerous examples of crimes. It is important to understand that these crimes do not necessarily fit into the modern understanding of crime. For instance, male-male sexual relationship in the Bible was perceived as a crime in the Bible. Historically, the types...

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One way in which to review the differences between charity in the Bible and the Q’uran is to examine the words in the original texts that have been translated as ‘charity.’ In Abdullah Yusuf Ali’s translation of the Q’uran, Jews are exhorted to be “steadfast in prayer” and “practise regular...

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Mary in the New Testament and the Quran

The status of Mary in the Quran and the New Testament is indicative of key distinctions between the two religions. In particular, while the Christian doctrine of original sin requires that Mary be presented as near-divine herself, the absence of this doctrine from Islam means that Mary is simply presented...

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Biblical Worldview

How one’s worldview is shaped is contingent upon his belief system that is made up of external and internal influences and values. This would be indicative as to why people have so many different ideas and views regarding nature, human identity, relationships, and culture. Go to any discussion forum on...

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The Folly of Rejecting an Understanding of Mashal

The Hebrew teachings on the difference between wisdom and folly found in Old Testament book of Proverbs cannot help but remind those familiar with more modern philosophers of the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. Although Biblical scripture that seeks to enlighten readers and believers on the ways of the wise and...

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