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Israel’s First Three Kings

Samuel, a godly man, was a religious leader over Israel. Samuel was growing older, so he appointed his sons, Joel and Abijah, to be judges (leaders) of Israel. Both of Samuel’s sons did not walk in Samuel’s way. Joel and Abijah were dishonest, accepted bribery, and were not just in...

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The Folly of Rejecting an Understanding of Mashal

The Hebrew teachings on the difference between wisdom and folly found in Old Testament book of Proverbs cannot help but remind those familiar with more modern philosophers of the writings of Friedrich Nietzsche. Although Biblical scripture that seeks to enlighten readers and believers on the ways of the wise and...

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Bible Dictionary

Book: A book of revelation is one of the central books in the New Testament. The book starts with the Greek word “Apokalypsis”. This word can be translated into modern English as “revelation”. It is a typical situation, when a book in New testament is knowm by the word it...

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The Gospel of Luke

The Gospel of Luke is one of the four canonical gospels that are included in the New Testament. A distinguishing feature of the following work is that, in comparison to three other gospels, apart from the information about the life and ministry of Jesus Christ, it also contains some facts...

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Bible Passage about Healing Research Paper

Spiritualism has been linked to healing in very many aspects. In the bible, there are several stories that address the aspect of healing. Some of the stories portray an aspect of healing of healing in a physical perspective whereas others suggest that the healing is applied on faith. From the...

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