The healthcare industry has many stakeholders that require a constant stream of knowledge on the ups and downs that are taking place within the industry. All of the knowledge that is accumulated is known as “big data”. Much of the information that makes up big data allows for stakeholders within the healthcare industry to create insights for business. An example of this would be to find out what treatment is most effective within a specific healthcare facility or department within a healthcare facility.
With some many technological advances, companies within the healthcare industry have been able to create applications, and software, to better analyze all of the data compiled. Again, through these technological advances, healthcare facilities, healthcare professionals, etc. are able to better pinpoint valuable opportunities. All of this big data will also allow the healthcare industry professionals to create better ideas for uses of big data. These ideas could lead to decreased healthcare costs within the U.S.

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When discussing databases within the healthcare industry, it is important to note that a common database structure within the industry is relational. This type of database can help with tracking patient regarding specific treatments administered. The database can also help track the effectiveness of the treatment and the patient’s vital signs.

An example of a use for a relational database is linking a patient’s information throughout a healthcare facility. For instance, if a patient has visited a hospital before, and returns to the same hospital, the patient’s information will be easily accessible when registering. This could assist in the hospital administering care at a faster rate. It will also allow for the hospital to administer a higher quality of care because they are aware of the patient’s health history from a prior visit. Relational databases also assist facilities in decreasing use of paper.