Have you ever heard the legend of Bigfoot? I shouldn’t have asked, I know. This hairy giant man wandering in the woods and abducting careless tourists has troubled the minds of the laymen and scientists alike for almost a century now. For those who claim having seen him, he was a reality; for us, who could only hear about Bigfoot’s presence in the Ape Canyon or elsewhere, this creature remained a myth, something I had never believed truly existed. THESIS STATEMENT: Yet, the recent data about Bigfoot film expertise prove that Bigfoot is not an invention of someone’s mind, but a real ape-like creature genetically close to human beings.

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Analysis of the original 2007 footage by an authoritative team of scientific, computer graphics, film, and costume experts generated a unanimous answer: Bigfoot really exists. “The Truth Behind Bigfoot” program, arranged by the National Geographic channel, wanted the experts to either confirm or disprove the fact of Bigfoot’s existence through careful data analysis. Surprisingly enough, the response was unanimous: the footage with Bigfoot running away from the cameraman is really genuine. Thus, the experts acknowledged that the footage was genuine. It means that Bigfoot was officially recognized a living creature. Comparing the results of the expert analysis of 2007 footage with the earlier expertise of 1967 Patterson-Gimlin film, it is easy to see that the two pieces of evidence have much in common. Particularly unique is the Bigfoot’s manner of walking, which can easily be recognized in both footages.

The skeptics say that the existence of a Big Foot is a big hoax and a result of people’s love to folklore. Had the representatives of these species existed in the American woods, we would have found their bones. Yet, no bones have been found yet. While this argument has some logics, its overall logics is deficient since the team have found presumably Big Foot’s feet’s imprints.

In summary, Big Foot is not a legend as many people think, but a real creature with high intellect. His habitat, habits, and mode of life have been explored for years, and the scholars who took part in the experiment agree that he is real. So do I.

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