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The Virginia Bald Eagle Organism Profile

The bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus), our nation’s symbolism of freedom, is the second largest bird in North America. While the species can be found throughout North America, two subspecies can be found living in more distinct areas. H. l. alascanus is larger and lives in more northern climates while the...

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Animal Testing Essay

Animal testing for medical research is considered one of the most controversial issues that undermine the sustainable and ethical development of the science. There is a lot of evidence that proves that the procedure of animal testing cannot be substituted. Although many people consider it violent and inhumane, animal testing...

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Hearing in Humans and Pigeons

Sharing the same natural environment with many animal species we tend to automatically assume that they perceive this environment in the same way we do, see the same landscapes and objects and hear the same familiar sounds we associate with mundane places. However, such a belief proves to be erroneous...

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Introduction to Life Science

Talk about the structure of the mitochondrial DNA compared to Nucleus DNA. Mitochondrial DNA is double-stranded and circular in structure while nuclear DNA is also double stranded but linear in nature. Nuclear DNA is enclosed by a nuclear membrane but mitochondrial DNA is not. Each mitochondrial organelle contains dozens of...

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Why Does a Sunflower Grow Towards The Sun?

1. I have grown sunflowers on and off for the past several years. They always seem to move or grow from east to west each day. It’s seems as if they follow the path of the sun as it goes through the sky throughout the day. What I would like...

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Epistemic Warrant

Epistemology is a highly abstract subject that centers on the study of knowledge. Questions in epistemology include, ‘What is it to be justified in believing something?’ and, ‘What are the sources of knowledge?’ Although epistemology is a highly abstract subject, it is a discipline that is taken for granted in...

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Benefits of Leisure-time Activity for all Ages

Introduction Various benefits have been attached to leisure physical activities. These benefits cut across the board for all forks of all the ages. The proponents advise that the activities are important in improving heath statuses and fitness and to avoid adverse health outcomes. Berghorn, Forrest J., and Donna E. Schafer....

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RBC Life Cycle

Red blood cells (RBCs) are the most common type of blood cell in the human body and are created through a process known as erythropoiesis. Red blood cells are created in the red bone marrow and, after a life cycle of approximately 120 days, they are recycled in the liver,...

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Molecular Biologist

When it comes to cancer, the change in the manner in which genes control the usual functioning of normal cells, results in the creation of malignant cells. Essentially, the genetic change that occur in normal cells entails corrupted instructions within the genes that inform the proteins that work in the...

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Biology Lab Report

1. After 30 minutes of placing dialysis tube in the water, note the color change in the beaker of the dialysis tube. After putting the dialysis tube that had the orange dye in the beaker filled with water, the water changed color to light orange. Initially, we thought there was...

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High Fructose Corn Syrup

High fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, is a form of food sweetener that is made from processed corn starch. The processing of HFCS involves converting the glucose that is inherent in corn starch into a type of fructose, which is a type of sugar found in fruits. Although corn syrup...

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Paul Berg, An American Molecular Biologist

Paul Berg is an American molecular biologist and biochemist. Berg was born on June, 30 1926 in Brooklyn, New York (CHF, 2010). Berg underwent high school education at the Abraham Lincoln School where he graduated in 1946. In 1948, Berg received a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry from Penn State...

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Impact of Biology and Culture on Social Psychology

One of the aims of social psychology is to understand the factors that contribute to human behavior. There have been many variables that have been attributed to the development of personality, including culture, biology, and the social environment in which a person grows up. The biological approach to social psychology...

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Research and Laboratory Experience

My five semesters as an undergraduate at the University of Maryland studying Neurobiology & Physiology has provided me the opportunity to work in a variety of laboratory and research settings. My experiences have allowed me to build on laboratory basics such as using a centrifuge, fractional distillation, using a separatory...

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Biological Evolution Article Analysis

The story explored in this paper is that explores the question “why are there so many bug species but very few human species?” The article was derived from the website and was written by Darren Curnoe about the research carried out by Joshua Scholl and John Wiens. The question...

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Movement Of Molecules Across The Cell Membrane

Cell membranes form the outer, but living boundary of a cell. As such, the membrane plays roles such as regulating molecule passage in and out of a cell hence maintaining cellular homeostasis, and regulating a cell’s mechanical strength and shape. In this context, a review of the structure of a...

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Case Study: Fetal Abnormality

All the people involved in the situation described in the case study rely on their own vision of the moral status of the fetus that determines their position on whether the abortion should take place. Thus, for example, Maria stands on the biblical defense which suggests that “the human embryo...

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Videatur lux? the influence of light on the germination of beans

Introduction Light exerts an important influence on plant growth and survival. Photosynthesis is the means by which plants are generating energy, and it is conceivable that they also use light to produce growth patterns (Reece 189). However, when a plant develops and starts growing from a seed, other environmental factors,...

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Anomie and Strain Theory

Under the current societal context that is exhibited by crimes, researchers have dedicated their efforts and time to try finding out some of the behaviors that lead to crimes. Accordingly, a wide range of ecological, biological, integrated, criminological and conflict theories have been proposed and gained popularity amongst the members...

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Animal Behavior

1. What is the scientific term for the study of animal behavior? Ethology 2. When does "imprinting" usually occur? Imprinting usually occurs within a few hours or days after birth. 3. Of the fixed or inherited behavioral traits, give examples of the following types of behavior in domesticated farm animals:...

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