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Factors Affecting Seed Germination

Introduction Germination is the biological process in which dormant seeds begin to sprout when they are exposed to favorable conditions for germination. The process normally begins when water sips through to the outer coating of the seed called the seed coat. This process in which the uptake of water is...

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Comparing Human Behavior to Animal Behavior

When comparing human and animal behavior and reactions, anyone can begin to see that some animals, some mammals in particular, demonstrate responses that are similar to those of humans. The similarities between human and animal behavioral responses arises from the closeness of their respective genetic codes (Nauert). The similarities extend...

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Endangered Animals in South Texas

It is a widely known fact that all the animals play a crucial role in the world as they help maintain nature and its biodiversity. All the animal species have a favorable impact on the planet that is why the extinction of them may lead to serious disasters which will...

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The Brain and Theories

Question 1: The amygdala is part of the limbic system, which is defined as a group of brain structures that are involved in motivation, memory, feelings, and learning. The limbic system is also involved in the regulation of one’s different basic drives of sexual activity, thirst, aggression, hunger, sleeping, body...

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Vocal Communication Of Humans And Nonhuman Primates

For humans and nonhuman primates, communication through vocalization is a key factor in social interactions. While human vocalization may sound very different than that of nonhuman primates, much of the signals are used to express similar emotions and feelings. Not only is the intentionality of the signals similar, but also...

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