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The Ordovician Evolution of the Cephalopods

The Ordovician period was marked by an explosion of marine life. The continents were still connected in a large land mass, which had drifted towards the South Pole. The shallow seas allowed the evolution of many invertebrates including trilobites, brachiopods, and some early marine vertebrates. Cephalopods became a major predator...

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Effects of Light wavelength on Germination of Delphinium Seed

Background informationLight is one of the most important factors in seed germination. Apart from humidity and oxygen, light is known to ease seed dormancy and consequently facilitates the process of seed germination. However, this positive role is not always the case particularly in light independent seeds such as Delphinium. Although...

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Microbiology Test 2

Facultative anaerobes grow best in the presence of oxygen but still grow in its absence, obligate aerobes cannot grow in the presence of oxygen while obligate anaerobes only grow in the absence of oxygen. While working with microorganisms, it is important to sterilize the working bench and the working area...

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What Is Biology? Basic Information About The School Subject

The word ‘Biology’ can be familiar and unfamiliar to many people. We probably have heard of it in school. We might have taken science class that includes Biology. However, what is Biology? Without referring to sources, prior to entering this class, I see Biology as one of the main science...

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Biology of AIDS – Assignment 3

The most effective way of recognizing individuals that do not know their HIV status is through a focused and targeted approach of testing HIV at high-risk groups. Previous studies have reported that only 1% of the people tested in the routine testing program are HIV-positive, consequently making the routine testing...

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