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Buying a Vein Finder

Intravenous (IV) access is a critical component of patient care for many individuals. It allows the health care provider to give the patient medications or fluids in a manner that provides the fastest route of absorption in the body. There are multiple reasons why being able to obtain intravenous access...

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Bionic Humans

The advances of bioengineering and medical technology allow us to glimpse into a future of man that stands unprecedented. Not only are scientists able to develop bionic limbs, muscles and mock skeletal systems, but the prospect of implementing these devices and extensions to prolog or promote human life is greatly...

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Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is a form of energy naturally occurring in plants and animals. It can be found in plants, animals, or waste from organic sources. These forms of energy sources are referred to as biofuels and often include manure, mulch, tree components or rotted trees, and wood chips (Catchpole &...

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Biotech Regulatory Environment

As the Director of Regulatory Affairs, our company has recently developed a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of cancer. The antibody is called Ziblofril and within the company, we have currently completed the preclinical testing. During the preclinical testing stages, the first different monoclonal antibodies were tested using cell-based high...

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Biotechnology in Health and Disease

The science refers to the diverse ways of incorporating biotechnology into the treatment of various health issues. One of the most optimistic prognoses on the application of biotechnology in the treatment of the HIV/AIDS is that the disease can be healed by 2020. The future of the HIV treatment has...

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The Impact of Anti-GMO Campaigns on Biotechnology Companies

The application of genetic engineering in agricultural food production has been argued to be a promising step towards addressing the problem of food insecurity in the backdrop of increased population growth, climate change, and pesticide-resistant crop diseases. According to Sommerville, (as cited in Tiberghien, 2006, p. 6) notes that “GM...

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Biotechnology Paper

Introduction While many scientists dream of a bright future from their scientific findings regarding therapeutic products, only a few of them ever go all the way to reap from their inventions. According to the article, less than half of the preclinical products often make it through to testing on humans,...

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Impact of Biotechnology in Modern Society

Biotechnology as a practice, deals with the application of biological processes with the aim of achieving an industrial application of the capabilities of tissue cells or microorganisms. Biotechnology provides better food production techniques, which help developing countries tackle challenges that arise from the growing of food crops due to limited...

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GMO Biotechnology In Our Lives

Biotechnology has changed the way the way we produce food, treat disease, and produce products such as plastics that impact every area of our lives. Genetically engineered corn has reduced the need for pesticides, and bioengineered bacteria have made synthetic insulin available safely and relatively cheaply compared to natural sources....

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