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Black history

Greensboro Sit-in

The afternoon of February 1, 1960 brought four African-American college students face-to-face with destiny. This was the date on which the Greensboro sit-in started. Joseph McNeil, Franklin McCain, David Richmond, and Ezell Blair Jr. were four African-American students studying at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, and they had had...

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Slave Resistance

IntroductionIt may be that no way of living known to humanity is more horrific than slavery. The institution existed in many nations over centuries, yet it is most famously associated with the earlier years of the United States, and how the issue itself brought the nation to Civil War. What...

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South And West Racism

For a country made up almost completely of people without ancestors native to the land, there is a surprising amount of racism that has been rampant ever since colonists began settling in the late 1400s. America is a melting pot but unfortunately and wrongly, some of the ingredients do not...

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History of Slavery: Reading Response

One of the big challenges for historians trying to understand the slave trade and how life was for Africans coming to the United States is the ugly reality of a lack of available source material. Too often, historians are left looking for information where none exists because the primary source...

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How Did Colonization Along the Atlantic Contribute to Slavery?

The African Slave Trade existed for a number of years in Africa and Europe before it reached the shores of North and South America. There are a number of reasons why the colonization along the Atlantic helped to contribute to the slave trade and increase the amount of slaves in...

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