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Black history

John Arnold’s View on Slave Trade

John Arnold’s view on history and the slave trade is that historians have a duty to assess historical events in the context in which they occurred. Too often, people interpret the events of the past through a lens that is colored by their own personal experiences or morals. This is...

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Born in Africa in 1690 and Arrived in South Carolina in 1700

Long, long time ago in South Africa on July 8th, 1690, a newborn baby boy was born in a small village named Kazita. That was me; my name is Jovanni Kenwood. I am the baby of the family. I have three sisters (Anya, Carla, Dana) and three brothers (Benni, Frankie,...

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Solomon Northrup, an African American New Yorker

Solomon Northrup, an African American New Yorker who lived in mid 19th century, provides a powerful insight the suffering of his race in the United States. He was a free man who lived in a Northern state, in New York. At some point of his life, he was captured and...

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African American History and Present

The Jim Crow laws prevalent in the South, denied African Americans many legal rights. Excluded from public establishments like hospitals and schools, their lives were ruled by segregation. Desperately wanting to escape the fear and discrimination of racial prejudice, many fled in what was known as the Great Migration. The...

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African American History

The Civil War was started in 1861and ended in 1865, and it is documented as deadliest in the US history. Notably, seven (7) states in the Southern regions of the nation declared in the first month of 1861 that they had seceded from the United States of America, implying that...

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