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Black history

African-American Social and Political Thoughts: Integrationism and Black Nationalism

The African-American social and political thoughts were not distinct from other races, although, Europeans thought that they were lesser beings than them. Many historians tend to believe that black people were separated from the white, and they used to live separately (Cook, 2013). However, this has is not the case...

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Black Leadership

Leadership forms the foundation for many societies and cultures. Leaders set the tone and lay out the blueprint for other people to follow. Through determination, creative vision, and clear direction, leaders are able to create change and make a positive impact on their communities. Thus, they are the voice of...

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Black and Latino Man

The article “America’s Problem of Race: The Black and Latino Man Divided by a Common African Ancestry” by Harris focuses on the discussion of the contemporary racial issues in the United States. The author argues that there is a pertinent issue of structural racism both against African-American and Hispanic men....

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Booker T. Washington Up from Slavery (1901)

Equality, acceptance, and superiority were terms of regular use by African American activists following the end of slavery and the beginning of the integration of the races. Fighting for these terms to be considered a reality was the typical approach of these activists. Booker T. Washington, however, refused to fight...

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Black Bodies for Dissection

According to Harriet Washington, black Americans in the mid-19th century were fearful of hospitals and medical schools. They associated these facilities with terror and punishment. Bodies in hospitals were displayed, and they were used for practicing medicine. The terminology changes depending on the person talking about it, but sometimes it...

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