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Black history

The Role of Black Power in Civil Rights Movement

It appears obvious, that the people, who put the term into use, were aiming at the same goals as seen by the civil rights activists. Principles of equality and equal opportunities were primary for them. The term was first used by Richard Wright. The book was actually named “Black Power”...

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Phillis Wheatley: On Being Brought from Africa to America

Looking at the life story of Phillis Wheatley, it is really unlikely that she should ever have become a published poet. Not only was she the first black author to be a published poet, but she is a black female author who was published during a time when black people...

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Manu Herbstein’s Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade

In Ama: A Story of the Atlantic Slave Trade by Manu Herbstein, explores one of the most significant and difficult eras in human history, when blacks from Africa were traded like material goods for profit. Black men and women of that period were likened to livestock and were not considered...

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Social Criticism, Parody and Satire in Tarantino’s Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino’s film Django Unchained tackles the difficult historical legacy of American systematic racism, from the perspective of the genre film, in this case, the Western. However, following Tarantino’s own style, the Western also transforms into a theatre of absurdity, to the extent that the violence of the genre is...

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American Revolution and Slavery

The American Revolution can be seen by many as an instrumental point in the history of the nation as it was the first major point in which the country had devised the means to become one of the largest and most powerful in the world. While this is relevant and...

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