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Black history

Letter From Birmingham Jail Essay

Read our "Letter From Birmingham Jail" essay. You can follow its lead to write your own paper or ensure that our experts are worthy of your trust with college assignments. The now famous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail” written by Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1963 is historically significant because...

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Racial Conflicts in the American South and West During 1865-1900

The period of 1865 to 1900 begins shortly after the Civil War and marks a great degree of American progress westward. But, as the following will show, the progress that would eventually connect the eastern and western seaboards was fundamentally meant only for whites, as all others were targeted for...

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Things Fall Apart: Okonkwo and the Central Conflict

Nigerian-born Chinua Achebe’s iconic novel Things Fall Apart (1958) seeks to provide depth and complexity to African culture and its native customs. Whereas many prior portrayals of African systems in literature focused primarily on the colonialized African culture from the view of the imperialist nation, i.e., Joseph Conrad’s Heart of...

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African-Americans and Psychology

AFRICAN-AMERICANS AND PSYCHOLOGY From the dawn of humankind, humans have speculated about the nature of their minds and the causes of their behavior. Thus, the mind has become a principal subject of human exploration. These first investigations were mostly deductive, attempting to find universal results in the human context; a...

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Black Women Leadership

When black women are in leadership roles the issue of scrutiny emerges. The odds are stacked heavily against them because they are women and of a minority race. When in leadership roles, their every decision and mistake is examined, most often to prove that they are not leadership material. They...

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