Leadership forms the foundation for many societies and cultures. Leaders set the tone and lay out the blueprint for other people to follow. Through determination, creative vision, and clear direction, leaders are able to create change and make a positive impact on their communities. Thus, they are the voice of the people, especially underrepresented minorities, and they use their wisdom and expertise to challenge injustices. The public looks up to the leaders for encouragement and motivation to help them face obstacles. Many leaders such as Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Bill Gates have made a positive and lasting impact on people, and have made significant improvements to the social and economic structure. Essentially, there are many influential leaders in society, and being a father, has allowed me to better understand the meaning and responsibility of leadership and encouragement my young son to be a future leader.

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Nelson Mandela persevered and overcame great obstacles to become the first black South African President. He led a movement to end the apartheid and helped to eliminate racial injustices in his country. Martin Luther King also overcame fear and challenges in America and worked to end racial segregation in states throughout the U.S. His nonviolent movement, boycotts and protests continue to set the pace and tone for the Civil Rights Movement. As an athlete, David Beckham represents tenacity and uses his intuition to empower people through sports. This encourages other generations of young athletes to be healthy and make wise decisions in sports. Sir Alex Ferguson, a successful football manager, inspired many athletes to reach their goals and become better sportsmen and individuals.

Also, powerful political leaders such as Condoleezza Rice made bold efforts to transform the political structure and open opportunities for women everywhere. Other spiritual leaders such as Mother Teresa led by example by fostering a positive attitude and warm heart, and helping others by giving back to the community. Other leaders such as Bill Gates used his intelligence to create new technology, programs and software that allowed millions of people and businesses to use. Innovators such as Steve Jobs paved the way with computers and cutting edge technology that took the world to new levels. Michael Jordan is one of the most well-known and respected athletes of all time, and his commitment to professional basketball helped him to inspire young black athletes everywhere to follow their dreams. Usain Bolt, one of the fastest athletic runners, used his confidence in track and field to inspire others to reach their goals.

Thus, as a father, I have been able to learn the true meaning of leadership. Helping my son with his education and teaching him about life has been a very rewarding experience for me. Through my hard work, my son is able to learn that anything is attainable as long as he works hard and remains determined. Qualities such as respect and honesty are important to me because it allows me to remain positive and to empower other people. Everyone should be treated fairly and respectfully, and by being honest, people will respect you even more. Also, my passion and drive help to propel me to reach my goals and go after my dreams. Thus, I always teach my son about the importance of being confident and passionate in order to reach your dreams and aspirations. Maintaining a strong focus on your goals will help you to achieve your dreams and inspire other people to run after their dreams as well.

Essentially, being a leader is an important job because it requires a person to use their skills and knowledge to empower others. Many people, especially underrepresented and impoverished people need someone to look up to for guidance. Thus, courageous leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Bill Gates have opened doors for so many people and encourage them to reach their dreams. Being a father has been the best gift I could ask for, and fatherhood has taught me a lot about being a wise and passionate leader by leading my son by example. Overall, leadership serves as a guide for people to follow on their path to success.