When black women are in leadership roles the issue of scrutiny emerges. The odds are stacked heavily against them because they are women and of a minority race. When in leadership roles, their every decision and mistake is examined, most often to prove that they are not leadership material. They must deal with the constant need to prove their worth and why they deserve to be in the position that they are in.

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Women, more specifically black women, have a burning desire for leadership positions and financial independence. To their disadvantage, they have long since dealt with the misconception that their skills are only good for homemaking, and have in turn been made out to be inferior to their male counterparts. The issue of a ‘broken household’ emerges as they move further away from their roles as a caregiver. Support from the men wanes as they worry about how the leadership roles will affect their life at home. Questions such as who will keep up the household and family life, as well as how they will be able to do it, are left unclear.

Other races, especially the white race, and men defy their power. Men have often been viewed as the stronger force, and having to follow the orders of a woman may in turn cause the feeling that they are of lesser value. Also, because the ’superior’ race is seen as the white race, having to follow the leadership of a black woman challenges the dominancy of the race. Their decisions are often undermined by those who wish to challenge their authority instead of respecting their power. Due to biases, their leadership must often take on a more lenient democracy style rather than a doctorial style in order to lessen those challenges.