Technology is key to living a better and comfortable life. The innovations and inventions in this field enhance our lives and reduce the amount of energy we use to do certain activities. Such developments have helped us better our lives can be attributed to Bluetooth technology. Below are some devices fitted with this technology and how they affect us positively?

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Hi-Fun Phone gloves
We have all at one time been affected by that nagging need of having to remove our gloves to pick a call. This need may happen while you are enjoying a stroll on the beautiful snow during winter or even while taking an early morning run and it is freezing. This is where HI-Fun gloves come in.

Hi-Fun gloves are gloves that appear just like any other gloves, only that they are suited with cool features that make your life more comfortable. They are suited with Bluetooth technology to allow you to pick your calls and perform other phone operations without having to take them off. This is a suitable feature that will suit most people especially sportspeople. They can now select the music in their playlist, perform text operations and use social media as if they were not wearing the gloves.

This feature works on any phone, as long as it has the Bluetooth function. All you do is connect your gloves to the phone by switching on the Bluetooth on your phone to allow the accessibility of the screen interface. The gloves can be purchased online from Amazon, and they retail at $24.99 which is affordable, and the gloves give you value for your money.

The product has positive reviews from the users with only one negative feedback that it is hard to find the gloves’ buttons from underneath the fabric. This technology is a positive move that enhances life activities without having to freeze your hands.

The Instant Pot pressure cooker
This smart pot is a pressure cooker that helps you to monitor the cooking activity through your phone. Thanks to Bluetooth, you can now pair your phone with this pressure cooker and track what you need to be done like setting the number of hours that you need to boil your food.

This cooker functions like any other ordinary cookers but with Bluetooth compatibility features that ease your operations. Through an app and connectivity from Bluetooth, you can monitor the cooking temperature to avoid overcooking. This enhancement is a great feature that helps the user to prevent overcooked food and wastage due to monitoring issues. The fact that you can set the amount of time that the food will cook is more important as you can attend to other duties without any worry.

The product retails at $139.99 at Amazon and has positive reviews from previous users. Even in the negative reviews, the users still praise its compatibility and accessibility features. In the recent past, Instant Pot has been improved to bring in more efficiency and accommodate user complaints. I think this is the best smart device that one can acquire for their kitchen, especially if they intend to multitask.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Near Fields Communications (NFC) are wireless radio systems used for reading data between devices. NFC if a branch of RFIDs and performs more specialized tasks compared to RFID, but this happens over a shorter distance.

The methods are used to monitor transactions over smartphones and apps making it convenient. They are also used on other operations like banking and ticket bookings making the services of the organizations using them more efficient. The efficiency may be concern costs or saving time to serve more people especially at the transport terminals.

The methods can only be used over short distances with NFC not exceeding 20 cm and RFID not more than 100 meters. They also require more power usage and therefore drain batteries faster. This makes them need a relatively more significant source of power which may prove costly for a large number of people.