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Let the people decide by Todd Moye

Let the people decide by Todd Moye, discusses the regional upheaval in Sunflower County in Mississippi Delta. The book discusses the various groups that played crucial roles in the struggle for freedom in the County. The County has been chosen to show how the civil rights movement inspired people to...

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Fahrenheit 451

In his book “Fahrenheit 451”, Ray Bradbury presents a dystopian world where reading books is outlawed and there is a special caste of firemen who burn every book that they find. The title of the novel signifies the temperature at which paper self-ignites, and this number is marked on the...

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We Need New Names

Noviolet Bulawayo's We Need New Names is a book that clearly focuses on the nature of immigration, experience and the racism that this experience can lead to and draw out of a particular society. In particular, passages in the latter half of the book as loaded with social critique, not...

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Lost History Book Summary

Lost History by Michael Hamilton Morgan introduces a deep analysis of relationship between relationship between the West and intellectual and cultural history of Islam. The author indicates that Muslim culture became the basis for the Renaissance in Europe, having influenced it greatly with its inventions, “creativity, great ideas, tolerance, and...

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George Milton Character Analysis

George Milton is a character from John Steinbeck’s 1937 novel Of Mice and Men. Set in the 1930s, during the times of Great Depression, the novel tells the story of two ranch workers whose hopes to become farm owners get ruined by the realities of the material world and a...

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Ragtime Analysis

“Ragtime” is a novel that tells the story of the development of American capitalism before the out break of World War I. As a result of telling this story, the novel necessarily involves a sustained mediation on the fragmented and damaged nature of time at it appears in the capitalist...

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A Consideration of James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pathfinder or The Inland Sea

James Fenimore Cooper’s The Pathfinder, or the Inland Sea is the third chronological story in the Leatherstocking Tales series and Cooper’s fourth novel to feature the hero frontiersman, Natty Bumppo. Published in 1840, this novel is a continuation of Last of the Mohicans and features Bumppo accompanying a young woman...

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“When the Heart Turns Rock Solid” by Timothy Black

“When a Heart Turns Rock Solid” is an ethnographical story, which explores the lives of three Puerto Rican immigrants in the United States. Timothy Black, n associate professor of Sociology at the University of Hartford befriends and follows the three lives through 18 years of challenging, educative and reflective years....

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The Handmaids Tale

The Handmaids Tale is a novel that depicts a new age society where everyone and everything serves a particular purpose, which can be identified by uniforms names and jobs. The society has turned into one of separation and classes. The story surrounds the point of view of the Handmaids, hired...

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Book Critique: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Stephen Covey first published 7 Habits in 1989, and since then, the book has rocketed in popularity. He addresses a question that many people face: how can I live effectively? In other words, how can I accomplish my goals without wasting energy, time, and any other resource? Such a universal...

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Who Moved my Cheese?

The book, “Who Moved my Cheese” by Johnson (1998) provides a unique insight into the way that people perceive their surroundings and situations as being permanent to the extent that they are unable to process change without fear and anxiety. Four characters make up the story and are aligned with...

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Book Review on Border Patrol Nation

Introduction Border Security has been the United States' biggest concern since the 9-11 incidents. A lot of laws have been formulated, drafted, enacted and enforced in order to reduce if not to curb the incidences of insecurity that arise through border porosity. These regulations have been enacted so that the...

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Who Rules America?

In his book Who Rules America? Domhoff (2013) examines the basis of power in contemporary America. He discusses several social, political, and economic groups and illustrates their roles in the governance of the United States. Domhoff contends that America is ruled by the power elite, a group which includes members...

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Reflection: Woods & Thomas

This paper will provide a reflection on several chapters of Woods and Thomas' How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilisation. It will focus on what I consider to be the most important parts of the chapters and, in doing so, will demonstrate that parts that have effected me most profoundly....

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Tom Golden, A Drought on Masculinity: The Impact on Boys (2014)

According to the author, what has happened to boys and girls as a result of promoting relational events over competitive ones? Tom Golden (2014) thinks that there has been a development in education that serves students badly. Golden seems to infer that the specific needs of boys are neglected in...

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The World Is Flat

First of all, one shall mention that “The World is Flat” which later on became a bestselling book, authored by Thomas Friedman focuses on the outcomes of globalization, given the context of the changing world these days. The metaphorical title implies on the aspects which make the world closes between...

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Masculinity in “The Loyal Subject” by Heinrich Mann

Heinrich Mann’s “The Loyal Subject” has been translated into a number of titles since it was released in 1918. Originally released as Der Untertan, which directly translates to “The Subject”, has also been translated into The Man of Straw, and The Patrioteer. It follows the life of a subject, Diederich...

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Book Report On Alexander Gordan Smith’s Lockdown: Escape From Furnace

Alexander Gordon Smith’s book Lockdown: Escape from Furnace is an exciting adventure story that is fast-paced and interesting. While it has a highly entertaining and exciting story line, the book also presents interesting commentary on social issues of teenage crime and punishment. Summary of Main Story Ideas Alex, the main...

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The Battle of the Nile – Book Review

Oliver Warner’s Battle of the Nile is an account of the critical sea battle at Aboukir Bay between the armies of Napoleon, and of the British under Nelson in August of 1798. The main objective of the British troops was to quell the ever-increasing power of the Napoleonic Empire. Napoleon’s...

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The Alchemist Essay

There are many important themes in The Alchemist that must be acknowledged. The author wrote a complex book in which he provided plenty of food for thought, putting significant and complicated characters into the book’s ecosystem. With this in mind, one of the most important themes in the book is...

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