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Who Moved my Cheese?

The book, “Who Moved my Cheese” by Johnson (1998) provides a unique insight into the way that people perceive their surroundings and situations as being permanent to the extent that they are unable to process change without fear and anxiety. Four characters make up the story and are aligned with...

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Book Review on Border Patrol Nation

Introduction Border Security has been the United States' biggest concern since the 9-11 incidents. A lot of laws have been formulated, drafted, enacted and enforced in order to reduce if not to curb the incidences of insecurity that arise through border porosity. These regulations have been enacted so that the...

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Who Rules America?

In his book Who Rules America? Domhoff (2013) examines the basis of power in contemporary America. He discusses several social, political, and economic groups and illustrates their roles in the governance of the United States. Domhoff contends that America is ruled by the power elite, a group which includes members...

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Reflection: Woods & Thomas

This paper will provide a reflection on several chapters of Woods and Thomas' How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilisation. It will focus on what I consider to be the most important parts of the chapters and, in doing so, will demonstrate that parts that have effected me most profoundly....

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Tom Golden, A Drought on Masculinity: The Impact on Boys (2014)

According to the author, what has happened to boys and girls as a result of promoting relational events over competitive ones? Tom Golden (2014) thinks that there has been a development in education that serves students badly. Golden seems to infer that the specific needs of boys are neglected in...

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