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Notes of a Native Son Summary

Notes of a Native Son is one of the seminal books in the career of James Baldwin. The essay itself is built upon the life of Baldwin, and is used as a means to tackle many themes of oppression and racism within America and Europe. The primary way in which...

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Kyle Longley. Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam

The book in focus of this Essay is “Grunts: The American Combat Soldier in Vietnam” by Snell Family Dean’S Distinguished Professor. His s also a professor of history at Arizona University. Prof. Longley obtained his B.A., degree at Angelo State University in the year 1987. He obtained his Master of...

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Gay New York: Book Review

George Chauncey’s Gay New York gives the reader an excellent insight into how New York is constantly evolving. His cultural history of how this community grew and blossomed is written in an accessible and coherent style. Chauncey offers the reader a linear history, from 1840 – 1940. What is most...

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Analyzing the Prologue and Tale of the Wife of Bath

The Prologue and Tale relayed by the Wife of Bath both dictate a single important message, as inaccurate and untruthful as it may be: that a woman’s most prominent desire is to have complete control over their romantic partners. This message is first presented in the Prologue, as the Wife...

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