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Brain And Neuroscience

We Need Technology to Help Us Remember the Future

In the reviewed article, Clive Thompson discusses shortcomings of human prospective memory that, unlike retrospective memory, can hardly be aided by the means of technology. The author emphasizes that technology is very successful in supplementing our retrospective memory by offering people an opportunity to log almost every important moment in...

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ADHD Disorder

High energy and even hyperactivity are both recognized as normal aspects of childhood, but there comes a point where they cross a line into something much more serious. I have witnessed firsthand the impacts that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder—commonly known as ADHD—can have on a child’s development and happiness. While...

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Encoding Failures of Forgetting

One of the encoding failures is blocking. Blocking is generally defined as a failure to retrieve information from one’s memory, although one actively tries to recall it. Another failure is memory misattribution, which is the phenomenon of assigning an idea or a recollection to a wrong source. Finally, one of...

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Resources for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Adults who have learning disabilities face lifelong challenges. As children, learning accommodations are more forthcoming as they have access to directed educational resources. Many adults use learning tools they have developed as children to continue the learning process at work, school, and play, and use these strategies to successfully navigate...

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Focused Assessment of the Neurologic System

Cognitive assessments are useful tools for diagnosing neurological problems that involve memory loss and changes in the ability of the patient to orient themselves to time, place, and space. During this assessment, the Mini-Cog Test was conducted, which consists of a 3-item recall and a clock drawing (Alzheimer’s Association, 2013)....

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