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Brain And Neuroscience

The Corpus Callosum and Psychological Functioning

The corpus callosum is a muscle in the brain that connects the left and right hemispheres. The corpus callosum is believed to foster communication between the two hemispheres, which is often necessary when performing basic actions; for instance, a thought may emerge in one hemisphere, and then an action corresponding...

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Left Brain vs Right Brain

Research done by several psychologists suggests that our brain works in different ways, based on the lateralization of the brain into the Left and Right sides amidst raging debates on whether some are more ‘left-brained’ or ‘right-brained’.1 The authors however acknowledge that certain activities are also controlled by one side...

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Side Effects of CBD in Infants with Dravet Syndrome

The method used to locate appropriate studies for use in this assignment was to conduct a search on Ebscohost. To conduct the search, the search terms: therapeutic effects of CBD, effects of cannabinoids on the infant brain, CBD effects of seizure disorders in children, Dravet syndrome, and negative effects of...

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Most People Only Use 10% of Their Brain Power

The belief that humans only 10% of their potential brain powered is very widespread, even among the well-educated and even psychology majors. This belief opens the door for the unscrupulous to market products and supplements that promise to “expand” brain power. However, evidence is clear that this is not true...

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Brain Dysfunction

Criminal behaviors, especially those that are considered exceptionally violent or heinous in the eyes of the general population, are often considered through the context of intent. In this perception, one would assume that the individual has some form of identifiable motive that others would, to some extent, be able to...

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