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Brain And Neuroscience

Most People Only Use 10% of Their Brain Power

The belief that humans only 10% of their potential brain powered is very widespread, even among the well-educated and even psychology majors. This belief opens the door for the unscrupulous to market products and supplements that promise to “expand” brain power. However, evidence is clear that this is not true...

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Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was first described in 1907; currently, it constitutes approximately 70% of all dementia cases. The prevalence of the disease in the US in 2007 was about 5 million cases. However, it is projected to at least double by 2050. The risk factors for AD are age, female...

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Autistic Persons

Radiographers often interact with autistic persons on a regular basis and consequently, have to understand how to behave appropriately around them. Radiographers should ensure that they give the autistic persons the same encouragement that they would have given to persons that are not autistic (George, 2010 p. 7). This therefore...

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Relationship Between Mental Health And Wellness

The recent scientific findings assert a close relationship between the mental health and the overall wellness for performing diverse tasks on duty. In the cases of the contrary, one may experience a deterioration of the general physical health, the feeling of self-perception would worsen which may result in the depression....

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Neuropsychology Case Study

Signs and Symptoms This is a 68 year old female with difficulty speaking and mid-paralysis of her lower face, right side. Her symptoms have included headaches and nausea for approximately two years and personality changes over past six to 8 months. She displayed problems with expressive language, specifically word generation,...

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