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Brain And Neuroscience

Basic Neuroscience

The article “Growth factors and feeder cells promote differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into dopaminergic neurons: a novel role for fibroblast growth factor-20”, authored by Correia, Anisimov, Li and Brundin, and published in the July 2008 issue of Frontiers in Neuroscience, communicates the authors’ research into how dopaminergic neurons...

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Cognitive Neuroscience

The selected podcast features a personal story of Howard Dully who has undergone a lobotomy at the age of 12 from a psychiatrist Walter Freeman. Today, Howard Dully is an adult who seeks to understand why was this horrible procedure performed on him while he was still a child and...

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Neuroscience and Psychology

The integration of neuroscience with psychology can help psychology by increasing knowledge of physiological influences on psychological behavior. By understanding how the brain creates and responds to various hormones, chemicals, and other stimuli, we can gain a greater understanding on conditions that were once considered exclusively within the realm of...

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Technology Addiction Essay

In the recent years, a growing number of modern scientists have claimed that, besides the positive aspects of technological progress, its products can backfire on their creators. In the article “Technology: The New Addiction?”, Ralph E. Jones expresses an opinion that the use of modern devices has already become an...

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Is Your Brain a Computer?

The information processing model of memory in the human brain was originally developed by comparing the human brain to that of a computer; some cognitive scientists believe that the human brain is nothing more than a very complex computer, a stimulus-response machine. There are many similarities between the computer and...

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