For this assignment, I chose brain cancer. This is due to the fact that I know a number of prominent individuals who are either having the condition or have died of it.
Brain cancer occurs when the brain has malignant tumors. The brain can have tumors, but not all tumors are cancerous . Common symptoms of brain cancer include weakness, difficulty in walking and dizziness, seizures and headaches (Davis, 2016). In some instances, brain cancer may cause nausea, vomiting, and blurry vision . Just like other forms of cancers, this type of cancer is staged. The stages are based on cell type and grade because unlike other type of cancers, they do not spread to other organs (Davis, 2017). The causes of brain cancers are not well known. However, Davis (2017) notes individuals working in oil refineries and handling jet fuels or chemicals such as benzene tend to show higher rates of brain cancer. At the same time, even though some families tends to have several members suffering from brain cancer, (2017) notes the linkage between genetics and brain cancers is not yet proven.

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The website that provided the best information is, especially the article written by Charles Patrick Davis, PhD. Compared to other websites that I have seen, this one is very detailed. It provides a lot of information on brain cancer. For instance, it clearly defines brain cancer, and identifies the possible risk factors which increases the vulnerability to brain cancer. The websites all provides additional information relevant to the brain cancer discussion such as the association between brain cancers and cell phones use and also diagnosis of brain cancer. is run by WebMed. WebMD is a network of doctors and health experts across a broad range of specialization. Its core focus is to provide credible health information to communities, by use of the internet.

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