Brain damage can be thought of as any damage that affects the way the brain normally functions. Brain Damage is a serious affliction as it affects the central nervous system and can greatly impair both mental and motor functions of the body.
A traumatic brain injury involves damage to the brain from a force outside of one’s body. This can oftentimes be from an accident or some other similar type of force. An acquired brain injury means that the brain damage involves the cells and it is not from some other type of force. Various types of affliction can cause a brain injury that is acquired. Things like brain disease, a stroke, tumors, or other forms of cancer could be causes of acquired brain injury that lead to various types of brain damage. In general, brain damage can be thought of as types that affect the brain from outside of the skull and those that affect the brain from within the skull. Since traumatic brain injury comes from outside forces, this would occur outside the skull, and since acquired brain injuries involved other forms of brain damage they can be thought of as coming from inside the skull.

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Another type of brain damage is congenital brain damage, which comes from forces that are genetic and is not caused by any other factors. This can involve genetic types of diseases that affect the brain or can involve a mutation of cells in the brain. Often times, normal cells that are supposed to grow a certain way will not, and this is an instance of congenital brain damage. Many times these types of brain damage are genetic, however they can also come from drug abuse as well.

Brain damage can cause irregular motor function or can even affect different types of mental functions as well. Things like patterns or production of speech can be affected by brain damage. The brain is the center of the nervous system, and if it is damaged, proper signals cannot be sent to the rest of the body. If the brain is damaged it will create ill-effects, that can be distributed throughout the rest of the body and the functions of other parts of the body will then be irregular. There can also be types of intellectual irregularities or even defects in thought processes that can hinder emotional feelings or cause other cognitive abnormalities. Often times a symptom brain damage can involve feelings of depression or can involve feeling of tiredness. Another symptom of brain damage can also be memory loss or other types of irregular memory formation. This in turn can also cause problems with the speech of individuals. All functions of the body can be affected by problems stemming from brain damage.

Neurolgorists are often the types of doctors that deal with brain damage and diseases or abnormalities in the brain. These types of doctors are crucial for understanding brain damage and what it involves. These doctors also are critical in developing treatments and therapies for brain damage. There are various types of physical therapies that can be done to help brain damage, and there are also various types of drugs that can help brain damage and its symptoms. In addition to treatments, there has also been a lot of research done on the causes of brain damage and also research done on the symptoms of brain damage.

The various types of brain damage that exists each involve different causes and symptoms. As we can see, there is a wealth of research and work that has be done in order the treat and alleviate symptoms of brain damage and to also to understand the causes of brain damage in order to help with the treatment of brain damage in the future.