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Zara Company Analysis

Zara is one of the most well-known retail brands in the apparel industry. The company is developing designs, manufacturing, distributing and promoting all items of the apparel industry. Zara brand was started and developed by the leading global apparel retail group called Inditex (Zara).The origin of the Inditex group as...

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Global Motors Case Study

The case study is describing the situation that is taking place in the automobile industry market in general and business strategy development of vehicle manufacture from the United States called Global Motors in particular. The author of the case study is covering different marketing issues and their solutions. The main...

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The Rise and Fall of General Motors

Statement of the problem “What is good for General Motors is good for the country” (Crumm, 2010, p. 1). At one time General Motors (GM) represented the standard by which all corporations in America could judge their standing in the world. For many decades General Motors was the biggest or...

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General Motors Research Project

General motors is a multinational company that is constantly enhancing its world presence. While the USA is the largest GM market, its products are also extensively marketed in the United Kingdom, Canada, China and Russia. In 2013, China and the United Kingdom demonstrated the year-by-year sales increase of 11%. China...

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The Success of Zara

The secrets to Zara’s breakout success appear to lie primarily in its mastery of the retail supply chain (Dishman, 2012; Lu, 2014; Pearson, 2015), provision of affordable, cutting edge, and high quality fashion (Lutz, 2013), and above all, absolute control over its retail stores, which allows for efficiency and product...

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Apparel Industry: Zara Case

The apparel industry faces numerous challenges which are reflective of different consumer behaviors and habits. It is important for organizations to recognize these factors and to integrate them into their store fronts and models to improve customer satisfaction rates. Since apparel is a high-risk venture in many ways, it is...

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Zara’s Supply Chain Management and Inventory Control

Zara competes with the leading high street retailers of the United Kingdom like John Lewis, H&M, ASOS, Marks and Spencer and the Debenhams. These stores are focusing their business on expanding their online presence. These organizations are capitalizing on clothing results from web searches and search engines. Zara and its...

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Inditex Case Study

Inditex is a Spanish clothing company founded in 1975. It is the largest fashion group in the globe and owns over 7000 stores in 91 markets around the world. The company’s most famous and highest selling chain is Zara, but it also owns other chains such as Oysho, Bershka, Massimo...

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Zara Case

Zara is a retailer of mostly women’s fashion based in Spain which has found a new competitive advantage- using process to give customers the fashion and styles they want, rather than trying to sell them what was produced. Zara’s produced goods after they knew where customer demand lies. Early computer...

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Rogers Chocolate

In order to develop the Rogers chocolate brand, it would be necessary to look into the four P’s that give a description of some of the brand. Firstly, it would be necessary to develop the product itself by focusing on some of the other aspects that people consider apart from...

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Macy’s Inc Brand

Macy’s, Inc. ( is an American department store company known for two namesake brands of store: the titular Macy’s and the luxury department store Bloomingdale’s. Originally founded in New York City in 1858, in its current incarnation, Macy’s is a nationwide brand with hundreds of stores located across the United...

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Nike: The Sweatshop Debate

When it comes to outsourcing production and manufacturing, there are many challenges that global management companies face. Strategically, the companies must justify outsourcing manufacturing. They do this by noting the lowered cost of production overseas, which then lowers the wholesale and retail cost of the product. However, the justification of...

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Nike Sweat Shop

As companies continue to expand internationally, many corporations like Nike are investing in global workforces to remain competitive. Nike uses factories in different countries to manufacture its shoes at a low cost. These factories are usually operated under lenient regulations and labor rules. Thus, controversy surrounding Nike’s sweat shops show...

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LUSH: My Favourite Brand

Of the many and varying cosmetics on the market, LUSH cosmetics and bath products stand out for me as a favourite brand because of three important qualities: sustainability, high quality, and social conscience. These characteristics have helped the brand to build loyal customer relationships across different groups and stand out...

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Brand Equity

BRAND EQUITYBrand equity refers to the essence of value or the creation of a perspective amongst consumers’ minds regarding the products and services offered through various activities hence the development of a strong brand. In other words, accountants refer to it as brand goodwill. The company Recreation equipment Inc. has...

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How Businesses Develop Brand Loyalty

In establishing brand loyalty, there are three common things that must take place. They are high quality, giving customers a reason to return to your business, and customer service/customer appreciation. Once these three conditions are met, the brand loyalty will happen without the company having to focus too much on...

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Coca Cola Brand Value

Coca-Cola is one of the strongest brands in the world, supporting one of the most successful companies in the world. The company has cultivated a loyal following, and it has been able to distinguish itself from its competition relatively easily. With this in mind, it is worth considering what Coca-Cola...

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Top Shelf Shoes: Sustainability Memo

In the following memo I would like to address the issue of sustainability at Top Shelf Shoes. It is apparent that efforts which have been made prior are ineffective. Specifically, because they did not account for the whole range of sustainability issues that Top Shelf Shoes faces today. Clearly, the...

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The Entrepreneurial Spirit: Birds Barbershop

In this day and age there is more and more emphasis being placed on ethics and the impact they have on a business. When examining ethics it should be duly noted there are two ways of broaching the subject. The first is an individualistic approach, where each person remains responsible...

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Nestle Sustainability Efforts

As far as Nestle’s key environmental sustainability policies are concerned, the company sources its raw materials from agricultural producers who grow their crops using sustainable methods. The company doesn’t only engage with producers when buying raw materials but actually monitors them and tries to understand the production processes. It even...

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