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Zara Company Analysis

Zara is one of the most well-known retail brands in the apparel industry. The company is developing designs, manufacturing, distributing and promoting all items of the apparel industry. Zara brand was started and developed by the leading global apparel retail group called Inditex (Zara).The origin of the Inditex group as...

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Global Motors Case Study

The case study is describing the situation that is taking place in the automobile industry market in general and business strategy development of vehicle manufacture from the United States called Global Motors in particular. The author of the case study is covering different marketing issues and their solutions. The main...

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The Rise and Fall of General Motors

Statement of the problem “What is good for General Motors is good for the country” (Crumm, 2010, p. 1). At one time General Motors (GM) represented the standard by which all corporations in America could judge their standing in the world. For many decades General Motors was the biggest or...

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General Motors Research Project

General motors is a multinational company that is constantly enhancing its world presence. While the USA is the largest GM market, its products are also extensively marketed in the United Kingdom, Canada, China and Russia. In 2013, China and the United Kingdom demonstrated the year-by-year sales increase of 11%. China...

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Inditex Case Study

Inditex is a Spanish clothing company founded in 1975. It is the largest fashion group in the globe and owns over 7000 stores in 91 markets around the world. The company’s most famous and highest selling chain is Zara, but it also owns other chains such as Oysho, Bershka, Massimo...

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