One of the Coca Cola’s branded products includes the Coke Zero beverage. I bought the product because of the branding and marketing strategy that the company adopted. The firm has remained in the limelight since the onset of its non-alcoholic drinks’ production. The company has invested in maintaining customer loyalty to increase the market base. The marketing strategy arrogated by Coca-Cola includes the redesigning of the packaging bottles. The bottle contains the philosophical mission and marketing motto of the firm. The brand development techniques and policies metamorphoses with the mindset of the customers (Asongu, 2007). The institution believes in affordability, acceptability, and availability. These values are labeled on the bottles sticker, which has made me to be among the loyal customers.
Colgate has invested heavily in research and innovation to develop its brand. The branding strategies are aimed at increasing the product’s aesthetic and market value. Through consumer education and promotions, the company has been able to grow its sales in the US. Alluding to the Colgate 100mls on my table, I can attest that the ingredients attached to the gel are exact. The tube contains guiding steps on the efficiency of using the toothpaste. Also, the container is painted with natural products to attract the customers (Haig, 2007). The company has developed several brands, including Colgate Herbal and Colgate Premium, to suit my expectations.

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On top of my table lays the Earth Balance butter, which is my favorite bread spread. It constitutes of natural products, which add vitamins and energy to the body. The gel is packaged in a can depicting all the components of the product. The branding strategy of the spread, from Walmart, includes the price tag, weight, ingredients, measurements of the elements, and the application procedure. The Company adopts the price tag as the primary strategy of attracting the consumers (Hitt, 2016). It has placed the sticker on the container to help the customer in comparing the products to those from the competing companies. It has espoused the philosophy of saving money for a better living as a branding tactic. I remain loyal to the Earth Balance spread as it serves my interests.

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