Style of writing
The style of writing that Huxley uses in the book Brave New World is precise taunting. The term taunting defines how Huxley holds back disclosure of the most crucial information from the writer. An example of the taunting style is visible where he does not disclose whether John and Lenina had sex. Also, the reader is left wondering about John’s death but through assumptions the reader is in a position to understand John’s death.

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The term savage
The term savage in the book brave new world is used to represent a character known as John in the book. John is born as a normal human compared to other people who are from the laboratories. The term hence is used to represent the ironical part of the character seeing that he does not agree to what the society terms as civilized. Rather, John wants to be like the people in the past. Hence, the desire to live like people in the past makes him ironical (David & Kirkpatrick, 145). The reason is that; he convinces himself of the experience of what is referred to civilization today. However, the use of the term contradicts the definition of the term seeing that it is a representation of irony. Nevertheless, it complies with the connotations since it expresses the emotions of the character seeing that he defies the civilization due to his beliefs.

The term pneumatic
In the book Brave new world, the term pneumatic has been used to describe various things. The two things are the chair and Lenina. About the chair, the term defines how soft the seat is with the inflated cushions and the comfort it offers. Also, on Lenina’s case the term defines her body and how it is soft. The term has unusual usage in any writing hence being unique in the Brave New World. However, the term pneumatic portrays how the society views human sexuality very diminished to the extent of comparison to commodities such as the comparison with the chair.

The title appropriateness
The title Brave New World is appropriate to the book seeing that Huxley’s aim was to present the future. The title comes from the play written by William Shakespeare known as ‘The Tempest.’ Hence, the title allows Huxley to connect the two books seeing that the two address matters on civilization and savagery. Also, Huxley characters look alike to the characters in The Tempests in that; the Tempest has a savage known as Caliban, and the Brave New World has John the Savage.

The story
The story portrays different ideas that seem believable and others that seem unbelievable to the reader. However, according to how I understand the book, the story is believable seeing that, the possibility of breeding people is very close. Scientists in the modern world have conducted researches on the existence of the human genes, the transfer of genes and organs from a person to another. Different transplants including kidney transplants are successful. Also, the test tube fetus has shown signs of success that predicts the possibility of breeding people in the laboratories. The book setup portrays technology development such that if compared to the modern technology, breeding of children is possible.

John the Savage
The book portrays John as the most important character in the book. Also, his role represents a very important perspective of the effects of the new society. The modern world has cruel treatment such that it drives John to host a rebellion together with the deltas to drive away the Soma. John feels that the new world society has various values that he does not want to relate the reference to as the Savage hence. Hence, his role represents the effects of the new society seeing that it represents a different race comparing to him being born of a mother (David & Kirkpatrick, 145).

John adds taste to the book through contradiction of the new society. When the book refers him to a savage, the reason is that he has evidence of a normal human race and its values. Hence without John in the book, the new society will be the whole concentration. Hence, the book would not be having the appropriate symbolism and contradictions of the new society and the normal society. Also, without John in the book, the new society values would be the most appropriate.

Hence, writing the book in John’s perspective will bring out the idea of a society that does not believe in the possibility of the existence of the new society. I believe that John’s life is more of pain and suffering being a loner and hence writing the book in his perspective will amount to expression of his pain hence the one as a reader gets convinced that the new society causes pain and suffering to the savages.

Also, John is responsible for his death. He is a religious man who attributes himself to John the Baptist. He puts himself through much suffering attributing the suffering to John the Baptist. Also, the love he has for Lenina leads to his death seeing that, John does a lot of crazy things such as throwing himself into the bush of thorns to forget his feelings for Lenina. His conservative state and rejection of civilization cause his death. John defies various things that are the practices of the new society. Hence, he causes himself suffering that leads to his death.
The book is tragedy seeing that it kill John (David & Kirkpatrick, 172). The setting of the book portrays John’s suffering and the various activities that contribute to his suffering thus killing him.