Social norms are standard behaviors that govern the members of a certain group on how they are supposed to behave in a certain context. These are informal rules that are well understood among members of a given community. The major aim of social norms is to regulate and control how various activities are carried out in the group. These norms exhibit consistency across members of the group because they are widely accepted as they carry the most appropriate code of conduct. Social structures are facing various challenges. These challenges are as a result of globalization and cross-cultural interactions. These advancements have led to various activities that encourage breaking of social norms. Violating the rules that govern these social norms is commonly referred to as breaking social norms.

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Human beings learn how to conduct themselves through adoption of the general values in the society in which they exist. These are the rules of engagement that the members of the society willingly choose to live with. These provide very strong influence and pressure for members of the society to live while following these norms in every activity they engage. The people who are interested in breaking or challenging social norms have numerous prospects in daily activities. This is by going against what is perceived to be normal.

Each and every society has a specific way in which conversations are carried out. These standard conventions regulate the manner in which people can talk to each other while exchanging ideas. The major sections of concern includes the way people start and finish conversations. The way a conversation is carried also depends of the context. This is defined by the location where the conversation is carried. The intention or purpose of the conversation is also very crucial to control the way it is carried out. The relationship between the people who are engaged in a conversation is also very crucial in determining the way they should engage each other. Some conversations may be formal or informal. The nature of the conversation is also very crucial because it defines the way people involve each other in a conversation.

Telephone engagements are also another area that has various social norms. This is because various societies have adopted various ways in which telephone conversations are carried out. At the center of these endeavors are the standard etiquette measures that govern the general telephone conversations. The relationship between the parties who are engaged in a telephone conversation is also very crucial in determining the level of engagement. Telephone conversations can be between friends, strangers or colleagues. This is because this is very important in defining the choice of words.

Public behaviors are also an area that defines various social perspectives. Different places have their cultures that make people to behave in particular ways. Public domain behavior is very crucial and that is the reason as to why when an individual goes to a new place, it good to take time to study how the people carry out some activities. Most strangers end up being embarrassed in moments when they break social norms in public places. Social norms in this context govern how people interact in these places.

People who exhibit different social cultures are also supposed to behave of or conduct themselves in certain ways. There also various expressions that are unique to certain places and people should strictly adhere to these ways. These norms are critical to the management of an individual’s personal space in relation to privacy and other people’s space. In the public perspective, norms also govern behaviors in relation to conducts in rest rooms or in other places like of the public benches and special gardens. Observation of acceptable dressing codes in these places is also very important.

Elevators are also very common places of public interest. There are standard ways in which individuals are supposed to carry themselves while in these elevators. The norms define how an individual is supposed to interact with other people in the elevators. This is keeping in mind the fact that most of the people an individual meets in an elevator are strangers. This norms define how an individual engages in interruptions and other forms of conversations. This is always very sensitive to the interests of the other people in the elevators. The norms indicate how an individual is supposed to pass requests to other people in the elevator while being very sensitive to their personal needs and concerns.

Social norms are also used to determine the way people conduct themselves in daily activities, these activities include eating and dressing habits. Eating habits define the type of foodstuffs that are supposed to be eaten at specifi9c times of the day. The foodstuffs also may vary across people of different social status. There are specific ways in which people take different types of foodstuffs. This depends of the nature and the form of the food. Some people cook differently from others. The norms also determine how people should eat while in public places like restaurants and hotels.

In conclusion, social norms assist people to apply and implement appropriate social norms and beliefs. These approaches define and assure social respect, health and safety. Some of the areas of concern include most aspects related to culture and social beliefs. Dressing, eating and public behavior are the areas that have great attention regarding these endeavors. These areas are also determined by the divisions that are on the social platforms including age, gender, economic cultural differences. All the social norms should be consistent with the dynamics that govern social structures, otherwise, they are considered to be violating or breaking social norms.