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Brexit and Globalization

The result of the UK referendum over membership of the EU can be argued to articulate key points regarding the nature of globalization, and the way in which it has seffected the lives of different demographics. To begin with, if one considers the areas of the country which voted most...

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Brexit And Its Outcome

It was early summer, the 23rd day of June 2016, when the British people took to the polls to vote in a referendum on whether the United Kingdom should remain or leave the European Union. Borrowing from the Greek Grexit campaign to leave the EU, the word Brexit, which denotes...

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Brexit- an Economic Understanding from Both Sides of English Channel

In the United Kingdom, the term Brexit is widely used to refer to the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union (EU). This was established after holding a referendum in 2016 to pass new move of the nation. Although, it is not official yet the United Kingdom will still...

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Brexit Speech by Boris Johnson

The rhetorical appeals in the speech are conveyed by the several key factors. First, from the very beginning, Boris Johnson realized that he addressed the audience of the ‘Leave’ voters. He started with the arguments compelling to the those, whose voice in the Brexit campaign was still floating. By using...

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