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British history

The Advantages Of The Uk Constitution Outweigh The Negatives.

Individuals assume that maintaining an order, a particular set of law must be followed and must be conveyed to the public, in other words, they must follow a certain constitution. However, the UK Constitution opposes such assumption in its uncodified constitution, which has seen to have favorable outcomes throughout the...

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Wars of the Roses

While many viewers may not be aware of it, the immensely popular television series Game of Thrones (and the equally popular series of novels by George R. R. Martin it is based on) draws liberally from the British historical period known as the ‘War of the Roses’ (Miller). The vicious,...

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King Charles II and Restoration Theater

The Restoration period began in 1660, when Charles II was restored to the English throne. During the period between the execution of his father (1649), King Charles I, and Charles II’s arrival, England had suffered a literary stagnation. Various republic governments that imposed their restrictive and Puritan views upon its...

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Poe and Doyle

Both Edgar Allan Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were known as writers of mystery and detective stories. Two of these stories are “The Purloined Letter” by Poe and “A Scandal in Bohemia” by Doyle. In both works, the detectives search for an item that is being used to blackmail...

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The Role of Women in Victorian England

Victorian Age is associated today with conservative England, its Christian values, and strict adherence to customs. However, it was a time of rapid industrial development and significant social movements. Industrial Revolution created a huge demand for labor force in cities. At the same time, it accumulated an unprecedented variety of...

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