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British history

Hero Analysis: A Comparison/Contrast Essay

The current essay is aimed at comparison and contrast two heroes – Beowulf and Winston Churchill. It may seem unusual to compare a legendary ancient hero from a well-known Anglo-Saxon epic poem to a famous British political leader. Despite living in different historical epochs, both heroes possess a lot of...

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Iron Curtain Speech

In the aftermath of World War II, the Allied Powers were no longer in alliance. The Soviet Union was viewed as an Eastern threat to the democratic ideals of the West. This is certainly reflected in the Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech when he states that the Soviet Union desires the...

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White Forces of Control Over Minorities in the 19th Century

While slavery and the Civil War are the dominant forces of the 19th century, the period after the conclusion of the Civil War was perhaps more important and more interesting. The United States went through a tumultuous period of attempted Reconstruction, wherein leaders sought to put together a country that...

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Sherlock Holmes Analysis

A hard boiled protagonist is generally someone who is jaded, grisly, and alone. This character has some skeletons in their closet, and copes with these issues using a sort of vice, typically alcohol. This man does not play by any rulebook, and almost always ends up in a direct (usually...

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Roman Period of British History

After 410, the Roman culture did not end. It survived throughout the Anglo-Saxon period. After the alleged conquests of the year 43 AD the extent of the Roman legacy remained for much longer in Britain than previously thought (Wood, 1987, p. 251). It is stated that the Roman Empire ended...

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Radar as the Primary Factor in Britain’s Success in 1940

After reviewing the assigned texts, it seems that Great Britain’s use of radar throughout the Second World War was the most critical factor in the power’s success during the conflicts of 1940. The advances with the Enigma machine made at Bletchley Park were, indeed, integral to Great Britain’s success after...

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Book Review: Britain’s Black Debt

Beckles looks at the calls for reparations for black populations in the aftermath of the abolition of slavery in the mid-19th century. Many groups in the Caribbean have spoken out about the history of oppression among their people and the need for other countries to make amends for the trauma...

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Britain Blood and Steel: Engineering an Empire

This short documentary looks at the development of the British Empire through feats of engineering. The narrative starts in 1066 with the victory of William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings. William went on to build castles across England, perhaps the most famous of which is the Tower of...

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British Empire

Britain became one of the most powerful and influential empires in the world due to its innovation and technological advance. In the beginning of the new era, however, it was dominated by the Roman conquerors. When they retreated in the 5th century AD, it came under the dominance of Anglo-Saxons....

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