I would like to undertake a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree in your institution because I have a strong interest in providing medical services to the people. This is because I have a strong interest in ensuring that the health standards are of high quality. I believe if given the chance to advance my education, I can be the best nurse practitioner in the world because of my motivation, compassion, and desire to help others in providing medical services and attention to other people. Studying nursing will equip me with deep understanding and knowledge of the best way to provide medical assistance.
Nursing is a fast growing profession. The development of my interest was motivated by the recognition of the developments in the profession. Nurses are highly involved in attending to patients with various diseases. The prospect of choosing this field has also been enhanced by the different motivations and experiences that I have had in life. These experiences have made me hardworking, confident and determined as an individual in my definitive career objective of becoming a professional nurse.

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In preparing myself for the challenging role of becoming a professional nurse, I want to further my skills and knowledge. Acquiring a scholarship in your institution will be a big step towards achieving my goals and objectives. To affirm my interest in developing my career as a nurse, a degree in nursing will equip me with theoretical and practical knowledge that will assist me excel as a medical dispenser and administrator. This will enhance my comfort level and will assist me develop confidence and the basic skills required in clinical practice. This will give me a go-ahead to evaluate my skills and knowledge in a conducive and resourceful environment.

Nurses play a very crucial part in the society today. They are not just medical dispensers and attendants, but very resourceful and valued members in all social aspects. Ultimately pursuing my next level of studies in nursing will be able to complement my passion and in broadening my knowledge. This scholarship will not only will not only provide an access to quality education, but will also provide financial comfort to enhance my education. Besides academic excellence, this will also assist me develop skills for all dimensions of life and enhance a mature approach to reality.