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Doctrinal Issues Concerning Buddhist Nuns

The topic which I hope to address in this paper is how the experience of Buddhist nuns is constructed, first and foremost, as a product of gendered pressures historically and in the present moment. What I think that we have the potential to reveal, with this inquiry, is whether and...

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The Precept of Not Lying in Buddhist Faith

Like many traditions and religions around the world, Buddhism is divided into a number of traditions, which are based on several fundamental, core beliefs. There are various constructs, practices, and truths, to name a few, that help to guide individuals to a more complete and happy inner well-being. For one...

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Buddhism: Following the American Psychological Association

The purpose of this paper is to explore “What is Buddhism? Is it religion, philosophy, or contemplative science?” I do this by taking an in depth look at these three different aspects by discussing high quality research and information which incorporates the fundamental principles of Buddhist thought and practice. Buddhism...

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The Buddhist Perspective

A Buddhist perspective would agree with the Richard Rohr quote that states we are not truly free unless we are able to let go of our own compulsiveness, resentments, complaining and obsessive patterns of thinking. Buddhists believe that the true path to enlightenment is achieved by not having any attachments,...

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The Role Of Meditation Practice In Buddhism

This paper will be a reflection on one particular aspect of Buddhism. In the following piece of writing, I will discuss the role of meditation practice in Buddhism, as explained by Esposito, Fasching & Lewis in Religions of Asia Today. Meditation has arguably the same level of significance to the...

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