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The Historic Spread of Buddhism Out of India

Although there is no active, intentional, or centralized missionary component of the Buddhist faith, the religion has nevertheless spread over vast regions since its advent in the middle of the first millennium BCE. Buddhism originated in the Ganges River Valley in the northeastern region of the Indian subcontinent. From there,...

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Comparing Origins and History of Hinduism and Buddhism in India

HinduismPrior to the modern age Hinduism was not the name of this ancient tradition that has no starting point. The practice of the traditions that became known as Hinduism have derived from what some believe are thousands of years in the past while there are practitioners who have claimed the...

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Buddhist Traditions

Buddhism entails the personal understanding of concepts in life, which are used to remove suffering. The idea of right view is one way in which faithful are made cognizant of the fact that they are the source of pain. The political environment in Tibet and Myanmar is not stable, but...

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