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Macroeconomics and the Budget

The federal budget in the United States is the subject of tremendous political consternation. It has been at the center of many fights between Republicans and Democrats over the last few decades, and for some, it defines their entire political ideology. The government has a working budget, but it can...

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Evaluating Budget Variance

Budget variance can be defined as the measure of difference between planned and actual figures in the budget. In nursing administration, the ability to analyze budget variances is of critical importance as they can reveal major problems of the hospital or new trends that should be taken into consideration in...

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A Budget Case Study

Since the inception of the target budgeting, it has been a priority of the chief executive officer to make sure that the budget is managed at its full efficiency and any wasteful or unnecessary expenditure is entirely eliminated. To meet the objectives of our organization, we must insure that the...

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Budget Development

A budget is vital to the continued success of any organization or department; the creation of a budget allows for a review of what needs funding, how much funding is available, and what can be accomplished with the available funds in order to ensure the continued operation of the organization...

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The Growing Budget Deficit and Public Debt

The financial crisis of 2008 launched a chain reaction in the global economy. The growing budget deficit and public debt became an inseparable element of everyday economic realities in the United States and the rest of the world. As national economies are struggling to reduce the burden of debt and...

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