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Macroeconomics and the Budget

The federal budget in the United States is the subject of tremendous political consternation. It has been at the center of many fights between Republicans and Democrats over the last few decades, and for some, it defines their entire political ideology. The government has a working budget, but it can...

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Evaluating Budget Variance

Budget variance can be defined as the measure of difference between planned and actual figures in the budget. In nursing administration, the ability to analyze budget variances is of critical importance as they can reveal major problems of the hospital or new trends that should be taken into consideration in...

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A Budget Case Study

Since the inception of the target budgeting, it has been a priority of the chief executive officer to make sure that the budget is managed at its full efficiency and any wasteful or unnecessary expenditure is entirely eliminated. To meet the objectives of our organization, we must insure that the...

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Budget Development

A budget is vital to the continued success of any organization or department; the creation of a budget allows for a review of what needs funding, how much funding is available, and what can be accomplished with the available funds in order to ensure the continued operation of the organization...

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The Growing Budget Deficit and Public Debt

The financial crisis of 2008 launched a chain reaction in the global economy. The growing budget deficit and public debt became an inseparable element of everyday economic realities in the United States and the rest of the world. As national economies are struggling to reduce the burden of debt and...

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Standard Cost and Flexible Budgets. Direct-Cost Variances and Management Controls

The Standard cost is the estimated cost of performing an operation or even producing an individual good or service. These are normally under normal conditions. The Standard cost is used as a target value which is compared to the actual cost. The standard cost involves the materials, the labour and...

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US GDP by Year

The U.S. economic growth has been mixed over the last few years. According to the World Bank, the U.S. annual GDP growth rates for the years 2010, 2011, and 2012 were 2.5, 1.8, and 2.8, respectively (The World Bank). There are various factors that shaped the GDP over the period...

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Capital Budgeting: Futronics, Inc.

Futronics is a communications firm founded in 1937. This $2 billion company has been selling consumer communications products, as well as communications systems for governments, for more than half a century. However, it is currently experiencing problems due to competition, overall economic conditions, and poor sales, so it is planning...

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Public Administration Budgeting

The political process has had a major impact on the budgetary process overall. The core of the difference between the two major political parties in the United States is a question over the role of government and over governmental spending. Some, it seems, are looking for a 'balanced' governmental budget,...

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Ethics in Budgeting

'Conflict between Doing Well and Doing Good?' 1. The managers know that this project was value-enhancing project to the company due to the fact that Coors already had the property, raw materials, and manpower to run the project, and the overhead costs would be low; in addition, there was a...

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What Is Capital Budgeting?

Capital budgeting is used by firms' management to make investment decisions by analyzing available options and determining the investment project that most fit firm's objectives and goals and those that provide the highest return. Management makes their final investment decisions based on five characteristics: project size, benefit to the firm,...

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The Budgeting Dilemma

Introduction Budgeting is an important process that ensures that expenditure is planned for to ensure proper planning. Creating an expenditure plan in a company ensures that funds are utilized properly for developmental purposes. Budgets determine whether a financial period will experience successful development or not. However, the budgeting process can...

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A Comparison of Capital Budgeting Between LG and Samsung

There are many similarities that may occur in budgeting between rival companies within the same industry. Samsung Electronics and LG are both large corporations within the electronics industry; by working to compare their spending habits it is not only possible, but quite easy to see where their spending habits lie,...

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Capital Budgeting

The escalation of societal, environmental, and economic evils has led various individuals to question the role of capital budgeting in the society. Subsequently, capital budgeting can help managers to address these social-economic challenges. However, the individuals must assess the ethical, social, and environmental effects of capital budgeting strategies before using...

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Capital Budgeting Decisions

Across the world, almost every person thinks of investing to realize profits. It is therefore vital for every investor to make sound decisions based on capital budgeting. For instance, Michael Evans decides to invest through a well-outlined investment plan. Considering the investment plan of Michael Evans, it would be a...

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Priorities and Budgeting

Two years worth of budgets is little enough time to determine trends in budgeting in order to analyze the type of budgeting used, allowing for possible error in identification of budget type when this is all the information to go on. While three or four years worth of budgets would...

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Budget Issues

Memorandum for: Subject: OMB Proposal Findings and conclusion: There are a number of different arguments in favor of bringing the Department of Homeland Security within the National Intelligence Program. Many of the aims of the DHS are in line with those of NIP (Department of Homeland Security, n.d.; The White...

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Descriptive Statistics in Marketing

The data presented pertain to the number of minutes it took to change oil at one company location. The two descriptive statistics collected from these data were (a) mean and (b) standard deviation. Before commenting on these descriptive statistics, it would be appropriate to present the histogram of the data...

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Approaches to Budgeting

There are several different budget models, including formula budgeting, incremental budgeting, responsibility centered budgeting, zero-based budgeting, initiative-based budgeting, and performance-based budgeting (Goldstein, 2012). Whether one of these models or another is used in budgeting, awareness of the different types is necessary to determine the best fit for the given situation...

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Budgeting Terms

The Three Legged Stool The Three Legged Stool budgeting analogy as explained by Zimmerman is an organizational architecture consisting of three pillars. A system to measure performance, A system to reward and punish performance, and a system that assigns decision rights. The Ratchet Effect The ratchet effect refers to processes...

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