The documentary “Bullying” presented at Anderson Cooper Special presents an overview of the implications of bullying along with presenting harmful effects in the social context, too. What is important to note in that respect is that there are multiple psychological reasons that illustrate how bullying affects individuals.
As the host of the documentary well notes, these implications often relate with behavioral stereotypes. In other words, people tend to bully others based on their own prejudices, and often these actions take place without original intentions. Therefore, the documentary raises an important point that might be relevant for all who are determined that bullying is the self-created phenomenon.

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Moreover, the documentary also illustrates subsequent psychological effects, such as potential attempt to commit suicides. Each of the psychological effects discussed in the movie is proven with the personal examples. In particular, while referring to bullying suicides, it is important to mention that gender minorities comprise a more vulnerable category of individuals who will be potentially affected. Thus, a gender aspect (specifically, if a person belongs to LGBT community) carries a higher risk of being affected by bullying to the largest extent.

What’s also important to mention is that bullying has potential effects not only from the psychological point of view, but also from the social perspective. In fact, these two aspects are closely interconnected and play a key role in determining affected groups. No less important is to mention that the phenomenon of bullying leaves long-lasting remnants in the personality of the affected individual. Thus, psychological affects may be sensed even several decades after bullying originally took place. The documentary also addressed the vision of parents, psychologists and other potentially related groups towards tackling the issue of bullying in the context of today’s reality, where the risk is immense.