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Making a Difference in the World: Fighting Bullying

In recent years, the subject of bullying has been covered widely on the national news, in part because some of the victims of merciless bullying in school have committed suicide due to their treatment by peers. This has shed a spotlight on the dangerous repercussions of bullying, and many schools...

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Commercial Lease Agreements

A contract between a business and a property owner for the rental of property is known as a commercial lease. Since it requires less capital to rent property as compared to buying, many businesses prefer the former. It is crucial for a party to understand the terms and conditions of...

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Youth Violence

The urge to respond to negative stimuli using violence is a natural one. It is something that every toddler works through, and every preschooler has to learn to control. For some children, that is the end of it. For others, the problem persists, sometimes getting worse. Youth violence has a...

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The Effects of Cyber Bullying on Teenagers

Today, more and more people are spending large parts of their day on technology in some form. Especially with teenagers, many have turned to social media platforms to interact with their friends and family. While this certainly makes it easier to and more convenient to socialize, it has many negative...

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Cyberbullying: Common Misconception

No one would disagree with the idea that bullying of any sort is unacceptable. While traditional bullying continues to be a significant issue, another form of bullying is on the rise: cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a “a particularly vicious form of bullying” which utilizes technology, such as social media, texts, and...

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Cyberbullying: It Is Changing Our Society

Advancements in technology have impacted virtually every aspect of the modern world. Sadly, this is not always positive. Young people are using the internet to harass and bullying other young people often forgetting or ignoring the permanency of placing things on the internet. Imagine being ridiculed via a method that...

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Cyber Bullying Issues

Cyber bullying is one of the common forms of bullying that take place among the adolescents especially in middle and high schools. It is an ever increasing problem that modern society is facing today. This is due to the widespread adoption and enhancement of technology as well as the increasing...

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Effects of Bullying In Teenagers

Bullying is one of the most critical issues affecting the development of teens. The main challenge with bullying is that it is a social phenomenon, and, just like any other social development, it affects the ability of people to integrate into their social group as well as their performance in...

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Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and harassment in the workplace are easily discussed in theory, but power and social structures shape the reality so that it is not so easy to decide of what is happening. It can be especially difficult in fields and positions that require very long hours or travel, in my...

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Social Media and Cyber Bullying Affect Us All

Young adults are dealing with a new stressor in their lives, social media. In addition to creating anxiety over how many likes one has, or public conflicts between people, cyberbullying also occurs. For sociologists, this phenomenon presents a new context for the social world, one which has different rules of...

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The Effect Of Bullying On High School Truancy

For many years, truancy has been a significant issue within the educational school system. Therefore, it is necessary to examine the causes of truancy in order to initiate ways to increase student attendance. Despite existing literature regarding bullying, such as its nature, contexts, risk and protective factors, and long- and...

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Workplace Bullying Paper Sample

With the development of more complex organizational forms, more people come together to work in a competitive workplace environment. They use different strategies to achieve their career goals. Some build effective interpersonal relationships and rely on trust and charisma to move up the career ladder. Others apply to emotional violence...

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Bullying: Antonio’s Case

In Antonio’s case the teacher got lucky. Most of the job has been done by Antonio himself. In fact, his realization of his being a bully and his understanding, that a bully is not a good social role, his desire to change guarantee and provide all necessary conditions for him...

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Causes and Effects of Bullying: Research Paper

In the following research paper I would like to discuss the causes and effects of bullying for an individual. Throughout this work I will rely not only upon academic sources, but also on my personal experience of being bullied. Growing up in an unfavorable environment, where one is not treated...

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Bullying at the Middle School Level

Bullying at the middle school level has significant effects on the educational processes and overall school environment, in the classroom and especially on the field where many bullying acts take place. Bullying is disruptive overall, not only for those directly involved but for teachers and students who are also affected...

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The Bully at the Blackboard

The initial question from the interview asked whether the teacher could identify with bullying. I believe this to be an essential component for successfully dealing with bullying in an educational situation. This personal perspective aligns with studies that reveal "greater teacher empathy was associated with an increased likelihood of identifying...

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Cyberbullying: The Power of Prevention

Bullying is a serious social issue that is not new to students. For decades, it had been an inseparable element of school and higher education routines. Millions of students around the globe know the bitter taste of bullying and violence. Millions of others enjoy the power of intimidation and abuse,...

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Gender Harassment Online: A Sociological Perspective

Online harassment has become the new norm as an aspect of bullying that used to take place on a one-on-one basis. In short, the personal aspect of this negative social interaction has all but been removed, replaced by technology that often allows it to become a relentless attack, day and...

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Workplace Bullying

Workplace bullying is a from micro conflict within the organization that continues for an extended period of time and undermines positive working environments. Workplace bullying is manifested through regular mistreatment of some person by threatening, yelling, harassing, humiliating, sabotaging performance, or creating a very stressful environment. Workplace bullying is harmful...

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Social Control and Criminal Deviance: Bullying

Bullying is a growing issue that has led to young people facing depression and even committing suicide. It has created an environment that forces us to look at the causes and find a way to combat the social practice. The most critical step in the student’s guide to research that...

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