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Making a Difference in the World: Fighting Bullying

In recent years, the subject of bullying has been covered widely on the national news, in part because some of the victims of merciless bullying in school have committed suicide due to their treatment by peers. This has shed a spotlight on the dangerous repercussions of bullying, and many schools...

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Commercial Lease Agreements

A contract between a business and a property owner for the rental of property is known as a commercial lease. Since it requires less capital to rent property as compared to buying, many businesses prefer the former. It is crucial for a party to understand the terms and conditions of...

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Youth Violence

The urge to respond to negative stimuli using violence is a natural one. It is something that every toddler works through, and every preschooler has to learn to control. For some children, that is the end of it. For others, the problem persists, sometimes getting worse. Youth violence has a...

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The Effects of Cyber Bullying on Teenagers

Today, more and more people are spending large parts of their day on technology in some form. Especially with teenagers, many have turned to social media platforms to interact with their friends and family. While this certainly makes it easier to and more convenient to socialize, it has many negative...

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Cyberbullying: Common Misconception

No one would disagree with the idea that bullying of any sort is unacceptable. While traditional bullying continues to be a significant issue, another form of bullying is on the rise: cyberbullying. Cyberbullying is a “a particularly vicious form of bullying” which utilizes technology, such as social media, texts, and...

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