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Cyberbullying: It Is Changing Our Society

Advancements in technology have impacted virtually every aspect of the modern world. Sadly, this is not always positive. Young people are using the internet to harass and bullying other young people often forgetting or ignoring the permanency of placing things on the internet. Imagine being ridiculed via a method that...

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Cyber Bullying Issues

Cyber bullying is one of the common forms of bullying that take place among the adolescents especially in middle and high schools. It is an ever increasing problem that modern society is facing today. This is due to the widespread adoption and enhancement of technology as well as the increasing...

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Effects of Bullying In Teenagers

Bullying is one of the most critical issues affecting the development of teens. The main challenge with bullying is that it is a social phenomenon, and, just like any other social development, it affects the ability of people to integrate into their social group as well as their performance in...

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Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Bullying and harassment in the workplace are easily discussed in theory, but power and social structures shape the reality so that it is not so easy to decide of what is happening. It can be especially difficult in fields and positions that require very long hours or travel, in my...

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Social Media and Cyber Bullying Affect Us All

Young adults are dealing with a new stressor in their lives, social media. In addition to creating anxiety over how many likes one has, or public conflicts between people, cyberbullying also occurs. For sociologists, this phenomenon presents a new context for the social world, one which has different rules of...

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