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Negative Effects of Bullying

Many of us have been either directly impacted by bullying or know someone who has been a victim of bullying. It may not be an overstatement that bullying is one of the most serious social issues in our society. The internet has only made the things worse. It is important...

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The impact of workplace bullying

Review of the article "Workplace bullying: costly and preventable." Terry Wiedmer in the article describes bullying as a pervasive action practiced by malicious people whose aim is to control, subjugate, seek power and monitor domination. Additionally, bullying that happens in schools and businesses creates costly and unpreventable incidences that inhibit...

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Negative Impacts of Workplace Bullying

The article “Workplace Bullying: Costly and Preventable” (2010) is about workplace bullying and its impacts on an organization. Workplace bullying is defined as repeated mistreatment that causes harm to one or more individuals by an individual or a group exhibiting offensive behavior or verbal abuse. Offensive behavior and malice conduct...

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Cyber Bullying

Sure enough, cyber bullying stands out as a complex social phenomenon that transcends national borders. It is not an exaggeration to say that cyber bullying as a new form of violence has turned into a widespread problem in our schools. As many experts report, the reluctance to reinterpret the attitude...

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Bullying: Criminal Deviance and Social Control

As Barbara Coloroso (2014) argues in her TED Talks lecture, “From School Yard Bullying to Genocide,” a social phenomenon normally written off as routine childhood behavior can have significant consequences. Thus, it is important that researchers take the issue of bullying, by both children and adults, seriously and research the...

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