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Understanding Bullying

To begin analyzing bullying, the problem needs to be examined from all sides. Firstly, it is necessary to define just what is meant by bullying. For example, you might say that “bullying is aggressive behavior that intends to gain power over a person, usually more than once and often frequently,...

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Cyberbullying and Adolescents

The advent of information systems has initiated the emergency of cyberbullying in the society. The victims of cyberbullying do not get physical confrontations, but they undergo massive pain through emotions that leaves them with lasting effects. The negative impact of cyberbullying is manifested in the manner that is reduces the...

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Stop Workplace Bullying

When most people think of bullying, they will often associate it with something that takes place in the school yard or online. In many cases, they assume that it is isolated to children and teenagers. Once they become older, is the point these behaviors are abandoned as the person matures...

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Social Control & Criminal Deviance: Bullying

In today’s world, bullying is one of the most popular diseases that most high school students go through. In some cases, bullies are termed as endangered species who ridicule other students, just for the sake of fun. Even though life is not only supposed to be a journey, but also...

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Moral Development Theory and Bullying

Although not every child might be a bully or be a victim of bullying, people overlook the impact of bullying to the third individual witnessing the action. Studies indicate that at least two out of four children have been a third party during a bullying event. With the increase of...

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