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Cyber Bullying And Adolescen Females

The case involving an inappropriate relationship between White House Intern, Monica Lewinski and President Bill Clinton in 1998 is considered the first case of cyberbullying. The relationship reached its peak when it became public after Lewinski revealed the affair to her friend about the sexual relationship. However, the private conversation...

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Bullying: Cycle of Events

Bullying is an unacceptable and aggressive conduct among children that entails real or perceived power asymmetry (Donegan, 2012). The behaviors can be physical such as attacking someone or deliberate use of the digital platform to communicate wrong, humiliating, or adverse information about another person, which is often referred to as...

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What is Bullying?

In her discussion of how the thinking implicit in schoolyard bullying can lead to hate crimes and genocide, Coloroso (2014) highlights the ways in which bullying is a learned behavior. "Bullying is not a conflict,” she states. “Conflict is normal, natural, and necessary. Bullying is none of that. Bullying is...

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Bullying, Drug Use, Maltreatment

1. Middle childhood bullies who bully on a regular basis use more power and aggression at the end of grammar school. When examining research studies, bullies show many differences in regard to parenting styles. Bullies tend to have parents that are not as involved, show lower levels of warmth, and...

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Bullying Within The Nursing Profession

In her article titled “Break the Bullying Cycle”, Terri Townsend (2012) explores the many different ways in which nurses are bullied in the workplace. Despite nursing being all about compassion, empathy and care giving, it is surprising how many nurses are subject to physical, verbal and emotional abuse on a...

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