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Bullying Within The Nursing Profession

In her article titled “Break the Bullying Cycle”, Terri Townsend (2012) explores the many different ways in which nurses are bullied in the workplace. Despite nursing being all about compassion, empathy and care giving, it is surprising how many nurses are subject to physical, verbal and emotional abuse on a...

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The Definition of Bullying

While bullying has been commonplace through the ages, it has become the subject of ongoing social and political discussion in more recent years. Once considered harmless, school yard bullying has reached new heights and concerted efforts are being made around the globe to combat its harmful effects. As Barbara Colorosa...

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AC360 “Bullying” – It Stops Here (Anderson Cooper Special)

Anderson Cooper puts his investigation skills towards yet another issue which is characterized by trauma and even death- bullying in schools. In this special Cooper partnered with social scientists to investigate bullying at one school in hopes of raising awareness of the problem as well as uncovering ways to stop...

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Bulling: Documentary Film

The documentary “Bullying” presented at Anderson Cooper Special presents an overview of the implications of bullying along with presenting harmful effects in the social context, too. What is important to note in that respect is that there are multiple psychological reasons that illustrate how bullying affects individuals. As the host...

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