Burger King is expanding its internationalization growth and increasing worldwide sales owing to broadening advertising appeal among target markets. The company’s marketing strategy grounds on the diverse customer mix.

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Burger King builds its brand awareness on the integrated marketing communications strategy. The major target market embraces men aged 18 to 35 who consume fast-food up to 16 times a month. While this target market accounts for only 18% of Burger King’s customers, it provides half of all visits. Over the decades, Burger King traditionally emphasized young male populations. However, economic scrutiny over the recent years urged the company to expand its targeted market. Now, the strategic focus is also on female audiences 50 up. At that, the chain’s advertisements emphasize taste and the choice of limited-time offerings of barbecue and chicken items. The strategic approach helps Burger stand out from its major rivals and boost sales.

The target market segmentation is Burger King’s comparative leverage on a rather competitive fast food market. The Segment One involves tweens keeping up with the latest fashions and popular music trends. Segment Two embraces blue collar workers with hectic lifestyles making them combine work duties with bringing up children. Segment Three embraces lower income and middle class families with children. Segment Four includes young adults and college students. The last Segment Five assumes a wider audience passionate for fast food. The latter are referred to as Burger King’s “super fans” seeking convenience and pleasure by visiting fast-food restaurants.

Overall, the major Burger King’s consumer is a tech-savvy young men aged 18-34. Rather than cooking themselves, this category prefers having readymade warm food fast served in big portions. Marketing differentiation and segmentation are the strategic marketing approaches that work well for Burger King and enable the chain to internationalize on a worldwide scale (Bhasin 1-3).

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