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Risk Analysis Definition

Risk analysis is analyzing and defining the factors that threaten the achievement of a goal or the success of a project. In every organization, there are threats that may constantly threaten any activity undertaken. These threats become very serious and more complex with time. Risk analysis entails the sensible methods...

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Sustainability Audit

Introduction Sustainability Auditing is an examination of all activities carried out in an organization and comparing them with the best practices in the industry. A sustainability auditor looks at organizational policies, practices and procedures carried out in an organization. It determines whether there exists a gap between the organization's sustainability...

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The Upbuilding of Black Enterprise: Strategies for success

Research from 2015 suggests that 7.2% of businesses within the United States are owned by African American entrepreneurs (SBA, 2015). Wagner (2013) reported that eight out of every 10 new businesses opened are likely to fail. Moreover, those companies owned by African American face increased barriers to business that make...

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The Organizational Change

In today’s uncertain business climate, organizational change is often essential in order to maintain the needed competitive edge. Jungsik, Song, and Seongsoo (2013) define organizational change as “managerial innovation, mergers, acquisition, structural change, and the restructuring of departmental units” (p. 1019). Jungsik et al. (2013) state that when examining organizational...

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Product Life Cycle Analysis: NIKE

When Nike releases new shoes on launch day (introduction), they invest in heavy advertisement such as commercial posters in magazines and at various stores. Due to the power of their brand, they typically prices their products at expensive figures to rake in massive profit as they are aware of the...

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Impact of Voluntary Sustainability Standards on the Coffee Industry

Coffee is a global commodity and source of national revenue for many countries. Recently, deregulation, new consumption patterns, and evolving corporate strategies have dramatically changed the coffee chain. Market liberalization has taken root in many coffee producing countries. There is an emergence of new coffee consumption patterns which are as...

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Understanding Organizational Life Cycles

Robert E. Quinn and Kim Cameron’s article Organizational Life Cycles and Shifting Criteria of Effectiveness: Some Preliminary Evidence describes the cycle of changes that often takes place for businesses as they look to grow and acquire market share. The authors of this article focus on a number of different theoretical...

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Effects of Premium Pricing on Demand in Commercial Insurance

For most products and services, increasing the price lowers the demand, and decreasing the price increases the demand. However, this is not a universal truth, in that products like insurance function a bit differently. That is, increasing the price of insurance premiums does not necessarily decrease the demand, and, likewise,...

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Risk Analysis Gladstone

To: The Honorable MayorFrom: Date: April 19, 2013 Per your request for information regarding the recently published Gladstone Study, I have summarized the important information for your review. The Gladstone Study by Kennedy, Bentley, Heffernan, Paxman, Stevenson & Mueller (2010) examines the potential of a cumulative impact of hazardous air...

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Hyatt Hotels Corporation Analysis: A Look At Trends in Quarterly Financial Ratios

Hyatt Hotels Corporation (NYSE: H) is a leader in the global hospitality industry. The Chicago-based company owns, operates, develops, and franchises a vast fleet of branded hotels, in addition to resorts and residential ownership properties. Our team researched Hyatt’s quarterly earnings reports, income statements, balance sheets, cash flow statements and...

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A SWOT Analysis of the Eastman Kodak Company

Founded in 1888 in New Jersey, USA, The Eastman Kodak Company dominated the photography industry for nearly a century thanks to its revolutionary products, low costs (achieved through mass production) and effective advertising campaigns. Despite its glorious history, in the 1970s things started changing and for the first time since...

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T-Mobile: External Environment Analysis

Generally speaking, the wireless industry depends almost entirely on regulatory oversight provided by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a government organization responsible for the regulation of allocation in the United States with respect to determining two critical features of any carrier's enterprise. For one, they make the decision on which...

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Tradeoff Theory

Discussion QuestionThe tradeoff theory assumes that in determining the capital structure, firms have the liberty to choose between the amount of debt capital and equity capital to employ. The firm can utilize debt capital and equity capital until the optimal balance is achieved. The theory explains why the majority of...

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Company’s SWOT analysis

The company’s strengths are the following. First, it operates in the oligopoly market. The market of virtual management is characterized with the small number of competitors. Apart from Organization Big Time, there are also only two similar companies: Virtual "R" Us and Virtual/Reality Makers, Inc. In such a market it...

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Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of US Airline Industry

Porter’s five forces analysis is a tool that is used to assess the external environment in which a business, in any industry operates. The main factor about using Porter’s five forces analysis for the United States airline industry is that it has been pummeled by strong forces from many external...

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House of Amber

The House of Amber has been a dominant producer of jewelry. Looking at the different designs on the House of Amber website convinces me that it is the one of the best producers and manufacturer of jewelry ( House of Amber, 2016). The many years the company has been in...

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The Ice-Cream Industry Analysis

There is a love affair between the global community and ice cream. For a long time, people have been used to ice creams since the stint the Greeks ruled the world. The Greeks, Jews and the romans were majorly known for preparing fruit juices and wines. Fruit ices evolved throughout...

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Techno Valley Analysis

Techno Valley is Kuwait-based Technology Company which specializes in the production of personalized software and hardware components for the consumers. The company targets both businesses and individual computer users in its operations. Development of personalized computer components has proved to be a profitable line of business for the organization especially...

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Critical Analysis of Porter’s Five Forces Model

Porter’s five forces model was primarily designed to allow companies worldwide with the ability to assess their performance and most significantly, their competitiveness in comparison to others within a particular industry. The model is innovative in the sense that it provides an in depth analysis of the different aspects that...

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Porter’s Value Change BP Analysis

Inbound LogisticsThe majority of BP’s operation is based on several oil and gas fields globally. According to Marketline (2016) the company operations involves production and exploration of crude oil and gas along with trading and marketing power, natural gas liquids and natural gas. The company uses a series of ships...

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