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Risk Analysis Definition

Risk analysis is analyzing and defining the factors that threaten the achievement of a goal or the success of a project. In every organization, there are threats that may constantly threaten any activity undertaken. These threats become very serious and more complex with time. Risk analysis entails the sensible methods...

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Sustainability Audit

Introduction Sustainability Auditing is an examination of all activities carried out in an organization and comparing them with the best practices in the industry. A sustainability auditor looks at organizational policies, practices and procedures carried out in an organization. It determines whether there exists a gap between the organization's sustainability...

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The Upbuilding of Black Enterprise: Strategies for success

Research from 2015 suggests that 7.2% of businesses within the United States are owned by African American entrepreneurs (SBA, 2015). Wagner (2013) reported that eight out of every 10 new businesses opened are likely to fail. Moreover, those companies owned by African American face increased barriers to business that make...

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The Organizational Change

In today’s uncertain business climate, organizational change is often essential in order to maintain the needed competitive edge. Jungsik, Song, and Seongsoo (2013) define organizational change as “managerial innovation, mergers, acquisition, structural change, and the restructuring of departmental units” (p. 1019). Jungsik et al. (2013) state that when examining organizational...

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Product Life Cycle Analysis: NIKE

When Nike releases new shoes on launch day (introduction), they invest in heavy advertisement such as commercial posters in magazines and at various stores. Due to the power of their brand, they typically prices their products at expensive figures to rake in massive profit as they are aware of the...

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