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Business analysis

A SWOT Analysis of the Eastman Kodak Company

Founded in 1888 in New Jersey, USA, The Eastman Kodak Company dominated the photography industry for nearly a century thanks to its revolutionary products, low costs (achieved through mass production) and effective advertising campaigns. Despite its glorious history, in the 1970s things started changing and for the first time since...

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T-Mobile: External Environment Analysis

Generally speaking, the wireless industry depends almost entirely on regulatory oversight provided by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), a government organization responsible for the regulation of allocation in the United States with respect to determining two critical features of any carrier's enterprise. For one, they make the decision on which...

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Tradeoff Theory

Discussion QuestionThe tradeoff theory assumes that in determining the capital structure, firms have the liberty to choose between the amount of debt capital and equity capital to employ. The firm can utilize debt capital and equity capital until the optimal balance is achieved. The theory explains why the majority of...

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Company’s SWOT analysis

The company’s strengths are the following. First, it operates in the oligopoly market. The market of virtual management is characterized with the small number of competitors. Apart from Organization Big Time, there are also only two similar companies: Virtual "R" Us and Virtual/Reality Makers, Inc. In such a market it...

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Porter’s Five Forces Analysis of US Airline Industry

Porter’s five forces analysis is a tool that is used to assess the external environment in which a business, in any industry operates. The main factor about using Porter’s five forces analysis for the United States airline industry is that it has been pummeled by strong forces from many external...

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