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Business analysis

House of Amber

The House of Amber has been a dominant producer of jewelry. Looking at the different designs on the House of Amber website convinces me that it is the one of the best producers and manufacturer of jewelry ( House of Amber, 2016). The many years the company has been in...

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The Ice-Cream Industry Analysis

There is a love affair between the global community and ice cream. For a long time, people have been used to ice creams since the stint the Greeks ruled the world. The Greeks, Jews and the romans were majorly known for preparing fruit juices and wines. Fruit ices evolved throughout...

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Techno Valley Analysis

Techno Valley is Kuwait-based Technology Company which specializes in the production of personalized software and hardware components for the consumers. The company targets both businesses and individual computer users in its operations. Development of personalized computer components has proved to be a profitable line of business for the organization especially...

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Critical Analysis of Porter’s Five Forces Model

Porter’s five forces model was primarily designed to allow companies worldwide with the ability to assess their performance and most significantly, their competitiveness in comparison to others within a particular industry. The model is innovative in the sense that it provides an in depth analysis of the different aspects that...

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Porter’s Value Change BP Analysis

Inbound LogisticsThe majority of BP’s operation is based on several oil and gas fields globally. According to Marketline (2016) the company operations involves production and exploration of crude oil and gas along with trading and marketing power, natural gas liquids and natural gas. The company uses a series of ships...

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