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Business analysis

Uber Company Analysis

Abstract Uber has long been a company that commanded the public’s attention and even captured the national imagination. It has been established as a leader in technology and innovation, with even its name being associated with those companies that come in and change their industries in ways that are significant....

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External analysis of Nike

Economic factors and trends Across the globe, there has been a gradual increase in GDP and per capita income. Through the increase in per capita income, access to disposable income has fueled the heightened level of demand for Nike’s products (Forgang & Einolf, 2015). Further, the global emphasis on reduction...

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Challenges in the Global Business Environment

Supply chains describe the journey that every raw material makes from the time that it is harvested, through the processing of that material, all the way to the point where it is delivered to Apple for use in manufacturing our product. The supply chains also include every company and person...

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Germany and Siemens

Negotiations with suppliers of Siemens’ products require a keen exploration of the options suppliers have in gaining power and reducing the risks the current negotiations. According to Spangler (2012), negotiators may spend much time in gaining more power at the bargaining table. In most cases, bargainers would spend more time...

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Canada Cleaners

Canada's Cleaners, Inc., has been in the dry cleaning business since 1987. We take pride in providing a quality cleaned and pressed shirt at reasonable cost from stores in convenient locations. These are Canada's Cleaners' competitive advantages. Lately, however, customers have complained about flaws in their shirt pressing. This cannot...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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